10/11/13 – Help is on the way, dear!

Up early to make sure we had plenty of time to get down to Fisherman’s Wharf. Finished off my yummy rice and watched a bit of Chamber of Secrets. America have a serious problem with re-sharing the same set of films. It’s worse than ITV2 with The Mummy! We got different trams down to the Wharf. We had breakfast at Maccies – word of advice: don’t ever have McGriddles. They’re weird as fuck! The pineapple and mango smoothie more than made up for it though.

We then had our movie location tour. It wasn’t quite as great as we’d expected, probably not helped by the fact that we were both young and British – we hadn’t even heard of most of the films mentioned, let alone see them, so about ninety-two percent of it went straight over our heads. Annoyingly there was a parade going on down one of the streets so we couldn’t see the apartment from Interview With A Vampire. One of the two places I was most excited about! We did get to see the other one though, which was the house from Mrs. Doubtfire. We also saw locations from George of the Jungle, X-Men 3, Star Trek and Dr. Doolittle. Our guide Whiley was very knowledgeable, though it wasn’t too surprising seeing as he was an actor too. He was apparently in a TV series about Alcatraz and an extra in the new upcoming Tim Burton film!

The big-ass tree kinda ruined our shot. Where were you in the movie, tree!

We went to Applebee’s again for lunch and then went to catch our cable car. We had to wait for over an hour which was annoying, but it was fun going down the big hills. We had a bit of a mishap with some tickets we’d booked, so we then got the tram back to our motel. Guess what was on TV? Chamber of Secrets. Again. Come on America, there are other Harry Potter films. There are other films in general! We showered and watched some Yes Man early on, ready for bed before nine o’clock. God, I won’t miss these early flights.

A nice man took this for us! Though it was only fair, since he then shoved his bum in my face during the ride.


9/10/13 – End of the line

After a terrible sleep I ended up getting up and showering crazy early. Like six o’clock early. The morning was quite nice and slow and I even got to watch some Psych in between packing and getting ready. We then all packed into the van for the last time. Cry! The drive was around four hours, but it genuinely felt like it was over in a flash for me (you can have three guesses why but you’ll only need one). Did manage to get everyone’s Facebook details though, which I was obviously happy about. We stopped at a hotel in Newark, which was our final destination as a group. We said goodbye to Derek at the hotel. Sad times!

We all then piled into a taxi that we really couldn’t fit into. Man, I hate goodbyes. The traffic into New York was ridiculous and we all went a bit delirious again and were just laughing at nothing (this suited the mood better – I really didn’t want to have a blub in the taxi!) We then had more goodbyes before me and Kel went to find our bus. We checked into our motel in New Jersey, then grabbed some food from Sonic – the weirdest fast food place ever. We had to sit outside after speaking to a board. They didn’t even let us inside! They did play Come On Eileen though whilst we were waiting, which was unexpectedly awesome.

Got back to the motel and caught the end of Tangled. Watched X-Men after and also saw the trailed for Bad Grandpa – looks hilarious! We’ve also decided that we love the Geico adverts. That was pretty much the highlight of our night though. I felt pretty weird all evening and ended up having to watch some Whose Line and Improv-A-Ganza clips to cheer up. The perfect cure! I know that this is still pretty much the start of mine and Kel’s adventure, but a fantastic part of it has now ended and I just feel sad right now. Damn group, why did I get so attached to you?

Pay attention to the two stuffed toys and hear about their kidnapping in the next post!