11/10/13 – Missing the van

Up early-ish to dress and pack. I rang the front desk to inquire further about my missing minions and thankfully the guy turned up with them not long after. Thank god! For the most part the day was pretty mundane – mostly spent travelling. The coach station wasn’t brilliantly laid out and there were quite a few confusions along the way. There was clearly a convention somewhere nearby, so I amused myself watching passing cosplayers whilst Kel was asking about our tickets. I saw an awesome Brock and an L too!

The coach to Boston was supposed to have been four hours long, but it was closer to seven because of the traffic. It felt stupidly long and was very uncomfortable. I really miss the van! I feel we should have personally hired Derek as a chauffeur… At least then we’d have gotten music requests and better leg room. After the coach we then had about twenty minutes on the subway to get to our destination.

When we got to our motel room we hunted down the takeout menus, since neither of us had eaten all day (besides the remainder of the popcorn I’d had left in my bag). We had a right hassle online and everyone kept telling us we were out of their delivery distance, even though some of them were the menus recommended by the motel itself. What stupid advertising! Our phone then didn’t work so we had to do it from the main foyer. Eventually we managed to place our order and then finally get the food itself. Woohoo! We had a BBQ chicken and bacon pizza, onion rings, spicy fries and cheesy garlic bread. It was all so good, but ridiculously huge! We only managed a slice of pizza each – it was crazy!

The night was nice and chilled out though. It felt needed after such a long and boring day! Onto more explorations tomorrow…

The ginormous food. If you want size context, look at the garlic bread on top left – that was a full baguette size!