11/10/13 – Missing the van

Up early-ish to dress and pack. I rang the front desk to inquire further about my missing minions and thankfully the guy turned up with them not long after. Thank god! For the most part the day was pretty mundane – mostly spent travelling. The coach station wasn’t brilliantly laid out and there were quite a few confusions along the way. There was clearly a convention somewhere nearby, so I amused myself watching passing cosplayers whilst Kel was asking about our tickets. I saw an awesome Brock and an L too!

The coach to Boston was supposed to have been four hours long, but it was closer to seven because of the traffic. It felt stupidly long and was very uncomfortable. I really miss the van! I feel we should have personally hired Derek as a chauffeur… At least then we’d have gotten music requests and better leg room. After the coach we then had about twenty minutes on the subway to get to our destination.

When we got to our motel room we hunted down the takeout menus, since neither of us had eaten all day (besides the remainder of the popcorn I’d had left in my bag). We had a right hassle online and everyone kept telling us we were out of their delivery distance, even though some of them were the menus recommended by the motel itself. What stupid advertising! Our phone then didn’t work so we had to do it from the main foyer. Eventually we managed to place our order and then finally get the food itself. Woohoo! We had a BBQ chicken and bacon pizza, onion rings, spicy fries and cheesy garlic bread. It was all so good, but ridiculously huge! We only managed a slice of pizza each – it was crazy!

The night was nice and chilled out though. It felt needed after such a long and boring day! Onto more explorations tomorrow…

The ginormous food. If you want size context, look at the garlic bread on top left – that was a full baguette size!



10/10/13 – The big apple

Woke up after more annoying dreams. I feel this is going to be the routine, at least for a while now. Weh. Skyped Mom whilst getting ready (she finally got her audio back, so we didn’t have to play charades anymore! Woohoo!) She told us that Nan had gotten our Graceland postcard and was really chuffed with it. Apparently it’s pride and place on the mantelpiece too! Special!

We caught out bus into New York and the first thing that snared us was a giant Disney store. It even had an upstairs! The only Lilo & Stitch thing I could find was an adorable Christmas ornament, so of course I had to get it. Sod the tree though – it’s going in my room! Got Theresa a new winter Belle too. We then walked through Central Park for a couple of hours. Feck me, it’s huge! We found a mini Beatles section, an Alice in Wonderland statue, one of Hans Christian Anders, and Balto’s memorial!! Safe to say we were most excited about that one.

Who else has seen the amazing Don Bluth movie inspired by Balto’s story? ❤

We did lunch at Applebee’s. I had chilli soup, honey pepper chicken tenders with fries, and some amazing red apple sangria that we discovered last year. Everything was lovely! We found the music in there appropriate because they played ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ (sad times!) followed by ‘Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves’. They even played Erik Hassle, which I was definitely impressed by! They also had the most brilliant Halloween decoration – a moving ghost on a zip wire that would occasionally take trips around its circuit, making ridiculous noises. It was hilarious, we were crying!

As we were looking at a machine with broadway show information to try and decide which one we wanted to go for, a really camp waiter tried to help us out. He told us about a booth that sold discounted tickets all day. A girl came through as he was talking and he asked if she needed a table for one. She gave a very non-committal ‘yeah’ and just carried on in. We asked the guy if he wanted to go and serve her, rather than us taking up all his time, and he was just like ‘No! Not with that attitude!’ Too funny.

The ticket idea then didn’t pan out because they were still really expensive even when discounted (which was a shame because there was one with Zachary Levi in it!) But on the way to the booth we were stopped by a comedian called Dan Tamayo, I think, who totally reminded us of Jon Lovitz. He pegged us as ‘funny British people’ straightaway and gave us half price tickets to a stand-up comedy show for twenty dollars. He named all of the comedians, including Simon Amstell of all people! Of course we were definitely up for it, so he reserved us a couple of seats.

From there we went to the Rockerfeller Centre to check out the skyline view. Going up sixty-seven floors in the lift was pretty cool and the view really was quite good (thought I really thought everything just looked too crowded). Not to mention it was bloody freezing up there! We had some fun in the Breezeway Showcase room though. The wall and ceiling tiles light up, assigning a different colour to each person and reflecting their movements. So I had a green light following me round the room, even when I literally ran. Some Americans in there clearly thought I was crazy, but they at least seemed to find it funny. I hope.

Apparently green is my colour… I’ll take it.

After grabbing a yummy cinnamon pretzel we headed over to the comedy club. It was only very tiny, meaning our seats were pretty good. We soon learnt though that Dan had lied to us. I even asked one of the staff, but apparently Simon Amstell wasn’t playing at all. In spite of that though, it was still a great night. Every one of the comedians were very amusing – in particular we liked one called Michael Lawrence. He looked like Zach Galifianakis with glasses. He asked if there was anyone from Britain, so of course me and Kel woo’ed and he said we sounded like a pair of drunken ghosts (the image probably wasn’t helped by the fact that we had a bucket and six bottles of Magners in front of us). He then started going on about Voldemort and how we wouldn’t speak his name. Very amusing.

We were feeling a little merry by this point and had to grab food on the walk back to the bus station. I was craving cheesy chips, but didn’t really get to satisfy that craving. FYI America; cheese sauce is NOT the same as real cheese. I did like the crispy onion touch though, so I guess you saved yourselves a little. And to make things worse, when we got back we realised that the maids had been into our room and that Ed and Stitch had mysteriously disappeared! I rang the front desk but none of the staff were able to shed any light on the situation. And apparently the maid who’d cleaned our room didn’t start work till nine the following morning. This didn’t bode well because that was the time we needed to have checked out by in order to catch our coach. I was definitely not impressed.

Overall our New York experience had been pretty hectic. I’d never actually expected myself to be a fan of New York… and I was right. It’s like America’s version of London, only ten-fold. And we already know how much I dislike London. I found that New York was ridiculously busy, expensive, people on the streets hounded you for money over many various things (and were very pushy about it), the whole place looked dirty, all the crazy tall buildings were just too crammed together, and all the noises, sights and smells just felt like an assault on my senses. Central Park was the only nice area. Wouldn’t ever want to go back.

9/10/13 – End of the line

After a terrible sleep I ended up getting up and showering crazy early. Like six o’clock early. The morning was quite nice and slow and I even got to watch some Psych in between packing and getting ready. We then all packed into the van for the last time. Cry! The drive was around four hours, but it genuinely felt like it was over in a flash for me (you can have three guesses why but you’ll only need one). Did manage to get everyone’s Facebook details though, which I was obviously happy about. We stopped at a hotel in Newark, which was our final destination as a group. We said goodbye to Derek at the hotel. Sad times!

We all then piled into a taxi that we really couldn’t fit into. Man, I hate goodbyes. The traffic into New York was ridiculous and we all went a bit delirious again and were just laughing at nothing (this suited the mood better – I really didn’t want to have a blub in the taxi!) We then had more goodbyes before me and Kel went to find our bus. We checked into our motel in New Jersey, then grabbed some food from Sonic – the weirdest fast food place ever. We had to sit outside after speaking to a board. They didn’t even let us inside! They did play Come On Eileen though whilst we were waiting, which was unexpectedly awesome.

Got back to the motel and caught the end of Tangled. Watched X-Men after and also saw the trailed for Bad Grandpa – looks hilarious! We’ve also decided that we love the Geico adverts. That was pretty much the highlight of our night though. I felt pretty weird all evening and ended up having to watch some Whose Line and Improv-A-Ganza clips to cheer up. The perfect cure! I know that this is still pretty much the start of mine and Kel’s adventure, but a fantastic part of it has now ended and I just feel sad right now. Damn group, why did I get so attached to you?

Pay attention to the two stuffed toys and hear about their kidnapping in the next post!