16/11/15 – A typical day in the life of a foodie and travel bug

On the go once again. Originally, we’d had this almost-week off planned for going to Norway to primarily see the Northern lights, but unfortunately, that idea fell through because of expenses/travel times/not enough holiday, etc. Of course, we needed to find another way to fill that time (perish the idea of just spending my week off at home) so we hit the travel sites to try and find somewhere new to go. We went for our finding of a mini cruise to Amsterdam, as that killed two birds with one stone in being another new country to see and our first time on a cruise.

Since we’d gotten such a good deal on our impromptu trip, we decided to do the same thing we did when we went to the Isle of Wight and spend the night beforehand nearer to our boat destination to avoid any panics about getting there on time and accounting for traffic and whatnot. So after packing everything up and putting aside the spare forty minutes to watch new Walking Dead before leaving (Daryl heavy episode is definitely a good going away present), we popped into Asda and Gregg’s for a mix of snacks, alcohol and pasties for the food. Since I couldn’t decide between a sausage roll and a sausage, cheese and bean melt, I just had both. Life of a foodie.

It took us about two and a half hours to get to Hull. I was on DJ duty again with Kel driving, since I hadn’t fancied the idea of leaving my nice car for a few days inĀ  random car park. We hit the musicals and Disney playlists for our usual duet sessions. I had to break out my completely brand new attempt at a Russian accent for my part of Vlad in one of the Anastasia songs. Let’s just say it’s a good thing we don’t do these in the company of other people. Wouldn’t want to risk offending an entire nation now.

We got to the Campanile Hotel, which I’d reckoned looked like a Mario house online. Turns out it’s the restaurant that looks like Mario house. The hotel itself looks like a full-on American motel. And of course, our room was upstairs. I thought we got past this stage a few years ago. Room was small and a little too cold to be cosy, so we put the heater on full blast and closed the curtains. We had to have a hunt to find an available plug socket, as everything seemed to be internally wired. We managed to establish that the only one we had was where the TV was plugged in. So we can either watch telly or charge something. Our choice.

Whilst Kel had a nap, I broke out the cookies, Doritos and Red Bull and started reading Jurassic Park. Since I’ve got NaNoWriMo going on this month, I want to primarily use my spare time for writing, but as my new project’s about dinosaurs, Jurassic Park works good as inspiration. Maybe a little too good though, since I got a bit carried away and ended up reading a third of it. This is why I shouldn’t be allowed near books, especially good ones. And damn, this is a good book. Why have I never read Michael Crichton works before?

When Kel came back to the land of the living, we headed over to the restaurant for some foods. I had a Magners and then some gammon with chips and a side of onion rings. Holy crap, it was a big side of onion rings. It was like what they tried to pull on me at TGI’s. All very lovely though. We had a natter and I spent a lot of the time watching a guy who looked a lot like Arthur Darvill and trying to establish if it was actually him or not. I eventually decided it wasn’t, as he’s Brummie and his accent sounded too far out.

After food, we retired back to our room for the night. I made attempts at writing, but kept getting distracted by what Kel was watching. Which was doubly annoying as they were all shows that I don’t even watch – I’m A Celebrity, Gogglebox, the news… People think I’m weird for not watching the news, but can you really blame me when it’s always so damn depressing and horrific? The attacks in Paris are just an awful, awful example of that.

We had a good natter about superhero stuff and just general gossip after we’d switched both the telly and the lights off. We do this a lot. Spend all day with each other, then only really wanna talk to each other when we’re trying to go sleep. Suppose it was just as well we weren’t that eager to get to sleep, since all the fucking birds were up and tweeting from about eleven o’clock anyway. Crazy birds; it’s goddamn night time.


29/9/13 – The ideal getaway

Another early get-up in order to move on again. On the way we did another stop, this time to Walmart. We’d all agreed to do a food kitty for cheaper and healthier picnic lunches, so we split into groups to find a good variety of things. We eventually got to High Springs and checked into our Country Inn, which was more like a motel than anything. Hard to tell if it’s creepy or cute… Maybe a little bit of both. We all sat out on the porch-way for a group picnic-style lunch.

After that we headed down to Ginnie Springs. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen – in a wooded area with several clear water springs and a river connecting them all. The perfect young person’s vacation spot. You could go snorkelling, kayaking or just lazy tube floating. There was a very big hiccup in this plan for me though: the water was full of fish. I have a very weird relationship with fish… Love watching them. Absolutely despise, fear, get traumatized over the idea of one touching me.

I told myself I’d be fine in a tube and rented one out, definitely steering clear of the snorkelling. But when it came down to it I honestly couldn’t do it. I so badly didn’t want to be a chicken, but I’d worked myself up about it so much that I ended up in tears more than once and on the verge of a panic attack. Thankfully I was hiding behind my sunglasses and I don’t think anyone else noticed, besides Kel (or at least I hope so). I was on some girly tablets at the time, so I was even more emotionally strung than usual as it was.

After I calmed down me, Kel and Tanya just chilled out in the dry. I still felt like an idiot for the rest of the day, especially because I’d actually really WANTED to go in the spring. It looked so lovely, but I had a stupid fear holding me back. I had a few things to distract me though, thankfully. We found the tiniest lizard that Tanya dubbed Minnie (even though she’d already decided he was a he). There was also a man called Tom who just would not stop talking to us, even when we thought we’d finally escaped. Of course this just prompted inside jokes and naughty giggling.

For tea we all went to the Great Outdoors Restaurant. It was really quite lovely – there was a live musician performing, the food was good and the staff were friendly and fun. I even had my first sangria since we’d been over there! Adam was sat down our end of the table and finally seemed to come out of his shell a little, which we took as a good sign. Derek had also introduced us to a new American comedian on the way. Can’t remember the name for the life of me, but he had some good jokes about amnesia and jukebox stories.

To close the day, we’ve now been proposed the idea of swimming with wild dolphins tomorrow (and at a ridiculously cheap price too!), but the only issue is it’s out in the very deep sea. Let’s see if the fear can stop me from another experience…

Ginnie Springs

The man (in the blue) who wouldn’t stop talking. Can you tell none of us were listening?