5/11/13 – Third time’s a charm

Up, ready and packed early to head down to Monterrey Bay for our whale watching tour. We saw (and heard) harbour seals and sealions in the bay before we’d even gotten on the boat. They were a right noisy lot! As we headed out to sea we saw lots more sealions on some Free Willy style rock dam, and even further out we saw some more who even treated us to some jumping displays! Not long into the ride we came across a large group of Risso’s dolphins. I’ve turned into a bit of a spoilt brat really – dolphins just aren’t quite as exciting anymore! It was freezing out on the morning sea, even though we’d layered up in preparation. Plus the mood was dampened by a couple sat near us, who were throwing up over the rail. Eek!

André x1000!

But it was still all worth it because man, did it then get good! We were directed towards a group of at least five hundred sealions (the guy in charge decided afterwards that it was actually likely closer to a thousand!) It was a totally surreal sight but it was all for a good reason – they feed where the whales feed. Sure enough, we ended up in a position where there were humpback whales feeding and blowing water in every direction you looked. We saw the backs, lots of tails and even a few of the heads!

Real lump-in-the-throat moment!

It was truly incredible to watch, and to top it off the water being sprayed from their blowholes created rainbows in the air! It was the single most beautiful, spectacular sight I’ve ever seen. The whales we saw were apparently between fifteen and eighteen metres, wow! Then a while after we came across a smaller group of five (the first group we saw being a number of thirty) much, much closer to the boat. It really was the icing on the cake. Third time lucky!

We had a very quick (and stingy, I might add) lunch at another Chipotle and then hit the road. Drive was about two and a half hours with traffic. Cue more That Anime Show. Was particularly amused when Tatum shared his theory and method inspiration on Kyouya having unrequited love for Tamaki. Too funny! Felt ridiculously tired during the drive though and heavily regretted leaving my Red Bull in the boot, so I made sure I caught up once we got to our hotel in San Fran. We went to a place called Perry’s for tea and I did my new trick of having soup and potato skins. The tomato bisque was gorgeous, but the potato skins were just too much food, Gaston. Then spent the remainder of the night drinking and watching Big Bang Theory.

Mommy, baby!


4/11/13 – California, here we come (or here we still are, more like)

Watched some of First Class amidst packing and then hit the road for our best drive yet. We drove along the 1, which is known as one of the best driving roads – through the mountains, past national parks and along the coast line. We listened to more of That Anime Show as our soundtrack and almost died when Terri said she once dated a guy called Gaston, as that prompted Tatum into bursting into song. If he hadn’t done it then I would have! We also stopped at an elephant seal viewing area for a little while along the way. The way they flop about is still hilarious.

Awww, definitely worth the unanticipated stop!

Oh well that’s comforting…

We got into Monterrey about three hours after. Today and yesterday have just been stepping stones to break up the distance to San Fran really, otherwise the drive would be ten straight hours (though we did manage to take advantage and book another whale watching tour in Monterrey for tomorrow!) I was Marvin Gaye (i.e. starving) by the time we checked into our hotel so we ordered some takeout – and had a huge giggle over me accidentally saying ‘spuffalo wings’ (I think you had to be there…)

Watched some Adventure Time, Psych and Durarara!! We made a drinks run to a nearby petrol station and saw some Hangover style energy shots (which I will totally have to get if I see them again, since there were ones with Bradley Cooper on the front!) Spent the rest of the night writing, watching more Durarara!! and drawing on Kel’s tablet. Managed a rough sketch of Ed before she wanted it back, which I’ll hopefully finish sometime tomorrow.

Best driving view I’ve ever had!