6/11/13 – The real life Azkaban (because I’m a geek)

Up early again and down to Fisherman’s Wharf for our ferry over to Alcatraz. It was a really interesting morning – we were there for almost three hours. There was a whole community that used to live on the island, not just the prisoners of Alcatraz. The prison was totally creepy when looking at it in detail, but also extremely fascinating. We even got to go inside a few of the cells!

Azkabannn. No, wait…

Easily the most popular prison you’ll ever see.

Part of me would kinda like to stay in one for a while if it was allowed. Maybe I could work it into some kind of writing method if I ever came into some money somehow… We learnt more about the various break-out attempts and that only three prisoners ever successfully accepted, though it was never known if they survived the waters. We also kicked up our wildlife count whilst on the island – we saw a hummingbird! It was really strange up close, but totally gorgeous.

Kel’s very professional shot!

After getting back to San Fran we booked in for one of the segway tours – something I’ve always wanted a go on! Whilst waiting we had a quick Subway stop (chicken and bacon with honey mustard and sweet onion, mmm). We then kitted up ready for our segways. It was fantastic! It was surprisingly easy and even more fun than I’d expected. It felt like second nature by the end of it. We rolled our convoy along some of the famous piers, through the harbour and some seriously cute housing estates. Our guide Hana was really nice and funny and turned out to be a writer too!

We hit one of the piers where we were allowed to run wild and test the limits of our segways. Of course that meant we all turned into speed demons and I typically ended up killing mine (who was called Dirty Harry). Hana was able to resurrect him for me though and said it had just cut the power. Oops. I felt a little better about my mishap because Kel had already crashed into a parked car earlier on, ha ha!

We had tea at an Applebee’s and I finally got to try my French onion soup. Was pretty good too! Had more of that lush red apple sangria and a bright green Bacardi cocktail called a Zombie Shiver. We then came back to the room pretty early since we were both knackered. Why does standing in one place take it out of you more than walking? (Plus we’d had to trek up a few big-ass hills on the way back). Spend the night drinking pina coladas and watching TV.

Too cool for my segway.