28/9/15 – The day they took the rice away

As we’d gone to bed pretty late, despite it being our so-called ‘quiet’ night, Kel hit snooze quite a few times this morning, so we didn’t get up till around ten. Breakfast was out of the question yet again, so once we were ready, we went downstairs and hit the snack bar for brunch instead. I love this place – there really isn’t much of a gap when they’re not serving food. My very odd brunch consisted of a ham and cheese toastie, fries and chicken nuggets. Well, if that’s what they were offering, then who was I to say no?

I hit the drinks again early on to make up for yesterday. Started sunbathing, but had to be careful of my poor sun burnt belly, and wrote another short story. I’m getting the hang of this! The sun then disappeared and it quickly started raining. Not like British rain, but more than spitting, so we went to hide in the lobby until it stopped. I finished the Anita Blake book I was reading and ran up to the room to swap for another one. When we came down, we decided to go for lunch. I thought that was a good idea as I’d already had three drinks and was starting to feel a bit merry. Tipsy before lunch – now that’s what holidays are about. Food was yummy, as always. Had the usual rice, pizza and chips, more ravioli and some rump steak with a lovely kind of champagne sauce. It was so good that I went back for more of the steak and rice, as well as the sliced potatoes, which hadn’t been there on my first round.

Thankfully, it was dry again when we got back outside. We immediately got roped into playing darts. I actually came second, which was cool. I lost out to young Clive, who they were calling Magic Mike. That was also cool. I started to feel a migraine coming on, but I actually managed to conquer it before it really came into effect with my meds and drinking a whole lot of pop. Tone: 1, migraine: 0. We had another little dip in one of the cold balcony pools – again, only ankle deep for me. Who needs swimming? This fatty probably does, but eh. The sun never really came back out again, which was sad. I really need to tan my back now to even things up. I did get more writing and reading done though. And had more drinks of course, now that the migraine threat was over.

Because of the heat and all the drinks, I was feeling in the need of some Red Bull. I was in such a lazy mood that I even paid the extra and got it from the vending machine in the hotel, rather than leaving the complex. Hey, I still had to go up and down a couple of stairs for it. Chilled in the room with said Red Bull before showering and getting ready. I feel my life on holiday follows a bit of a routine. Food, drinks, hopes of sun, more food, more drinks, Red Bull, shower, more food, more drinks, possible entertainment. I’m good with that. I wore my little black dress that I originally bought for Stu’s wedding. Like the conga line, this dress comes with bad memories that I’ll just have to drink more to forget.

Food for today was, of course, rice, pizza, fries, tiny chicken drumsticks, lasagne and mash. I got really excited about the mash, as it’s one of my favourite foods, but it was kind of odd. It tasted a bit like the cream sauce that lasagne is made of. Ah well, mash is mash. I went back for more of it still, as well as the lasagne, but was horrified to realise that they’d taken the rice away by that point. Do you guys not realise how much I love that rice? At least I still had pudding to come. I had yet another kind of jelly and some creamy coconut mousse. I’m generally not a big fan of coconut, but they got the flavour ratio just right.

We swapped rooms after food. The entertainment was another karaoke, but more of a proper karaoke this time – various guests taking part, rather than some weird, possibly hired couple monopolising everything. Marek started it off with a very dramatic, shouty and out of tune rendition of Enrique Iglesias. However, the best part was a German woman singing a song, her girlfriend running up to join her, then the first woman proposing on stage after their song. It was so cute. I’ve never seen a public proposal before (even if I couldn’t understand exactly what was being said, though let’s face it, the “da” was the most important part). Didn’t think my first one would be a German lesbian couple at karaoke, but that’s definitely quirky enough for me.

The biggest downside to the night is that I seem to attract some weirdo every time I go through the lobby to get another drink. It was mostly the bartender who kept giving me all the vodka and who then sabotaged the cocktail machine whilst I was trying to use it, likely because I’d picked that rather than going to the bar to be served. But this time, it was a man who was probably older than my dad and barely spoke English, but was very insistent on kissing my hand and knowing where I was going to be all night. Ick. I managed to escape by feigning not being able to understand him at all.

For some reason, the chairs in the entertainment are particularly hard and, since I broke my tail bone a fair few years ago (don’t ask), spending so much time on hard chairs really gives me some jip, so we ended up moving to the much comfier chairs in the lobby. Kel was happy with that, as the lobby has wi-fi. I haven’t even turned my phone on all holiday. She did test a quiz on me though to see what Disney song I’d have play at my wedding. I got I See The Light from Tangled. Erm, best romance song from Disney ever! Thanks, quiz! I also made friends with a new cat that had been hanging around the lobby. We called this one Jesus. For some reason, as an atheist, giving things Biblical names is much funnier.

It was crazy hot tonight, for some reason, so we decided to take our leftover drinks that we’d grabbed on a last minute run before the all inclusive ended back up to our room, mostly so we could escape to the fan. We did that and watched another few episodes of Fruits Basket. Kel got me to pick randomly by number though and I somehow kept picking the super sad ones. Next time, I’m picking just based on favourites! Can’t be dealing with the sad malarky on holiday.

The happiest kitty!

The happiest kitty!

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