27/9/15 – I don’t love all inclusive

Oh man, this morning was painful/not really existent. I woke up at some point and had to have another chucking session (sorry, readers, but it’s the truth). This time, I had the sense to actually use the toilet, rather than the balcony. There’s something about being sick that’s just so horrible, but it then makes you feel so much better afterwards. Double-edged sword and all that. I slept on and off for the next few hours, finally getting up at around half twelve. I managed to sleep off some of the effects, but still felt totally bleugh. I never would have guessed how tough it is to put sun cream on when you’re hungover. All I knew is that we needed to get downstairs asap, as we hadn’t had non-alcoholic drinks in well over twelve hours and I was in dire need of liquids. Because of not having our own fridge, as well as the whole drinks being available for free at most hours of the day thing, we hadn’t had any pop in the room.

We decided that food would be a good idea too, so as well as guzzling a few glasses of pop, I forced myself to chow down on starchy foods to soak up the excess alcohol – meaning more rice, garlic potatoes, pizza, a bread roll and some spicy beef stuff just because it looked nice. Actually enjoyed it all still, but it did take me a while to get through. That’s when you know I’m not feeling my best; when it starts affecting my eating habits. We had a little cool down in one of the mini pools afterwards (they work as a waterfall in different levels). Well, my idea of a cool down was only getting ankle deep, since it was still so frickin’ cold.

I felt well enough to top up on my sunbathing after that – I just made the most of the all inclusive via endless pop this time. Did more reading and also wrote a good chunk for Affinity, which I’ve been struggling with for ages. It’s not consecutively the next scene, but hey, I’ve gotta go where my creativity takes me. The sun disappeared behind the clouds for good around five-ish, so I did a run to the shop for Red Bull and general pop for the room (not making that mistake again). Had a bit of a chill with my book and Red Bull before showering and getting ready. Back on the pineapple track today with one of my pineapple playsuits. Yes, one of. I may have brought three with me.

Not sure what the theme of the food was this time, other than awesome. More of the rice, potatoes, pizza, raviola, meats, etc. I kept it limited for pudding this time with all strawberry flavoured things – mousse, jelly and a crepe with strawberry sauce. We’d generally been having a glass of sangria with our meal every night, but we both chose to forego that part tonight on account of alcohol still being more on the bleugh factor than the yes factor. That soon changed for me though when we went through into the entertainment area. I haven’t made the most of the all inclusive today – I need to catch up. I could only hack a few cocktails this time, but at least I made the effort.

Our usual entertainment people were off today, as it’s Sunday, so we just had karaoke on instead. That was then primarily taken over by a Spanish couple, who may have been hired by the hotel – who knows? The woman clearly thought she was way better than she actually was and the guy got so breathy with his mic that you’d think he was having a love affair with it. They butchered quite a few songs that we knew and, all in all, it was pretty dire. But of course, we got our own entertainment in making fun of them. Mean, but true. We’d sat with Brenda and Karen, Kirstie, Kymm and their friend Pete (who they’d told us the night before was too boring to come and party) so we all had a laugh together. At one point, Brenda had gone for drinks and when she came back, the Spanish woman had started singing I Want To Break Free. Karen shouted at Brenda to get her hoover out, so she did, across the dance floor. Very amusing.

At one point, Patrik popped up, despite the fact that he wasn’t working. He told us he was going to see a show that some of his dancer friends were in and asked if we’d like to join him, which was very sweet. Kel wasn’t feeling up to it though, because of the earlier hangover, and everyone else is going home in the morning, so they passed too. We stayed up chatting for a while after the ‘entertainment’ ended. Kirstie and Kymm were first to retire to bed. We decided to go back to our room when everyone else did, as the all inclusive had also ended. Kel didn’t want anymore to drink anyway and I still had a Kopparberg in the room.

We came back up and had planned to watch the next episode of Chuck on my iPod, plugging it into the speakers. I’d clearly misjudged though and hadn’t realised there was another episode she needed to see first, which wasn’t on my iPod. Boo. No matter though – I have a hell of a lot of stuff on my iPod, so we chilled with a couple of episodes of Fruits Basket instead before bed. Gotta love that show!

Watching everyone conga through the cave during aqua gym certainly helped me forget my hangover!

Watching everyone conga through the cave during aqua gym certainly helped me forget my hangover!

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