21/9/15 – Back to the tasters

Guess what? I really did wake up with another migraine. I think the beta blockers I’ve started taking only works for about three or four days. Boo you, tablets. I took one of my meds and tried to sleep it off. That worked a little too well though, as my alarm then decided not to go off and Kel had to wake me up with not so much time to get ready. Had to quickly get dressed, straighten my hair and have some toast before Flick’s dad dropped us off at the Needles on his way to walk Twiggy.

We spent an hour or so at the Needles. Watched some glass blowing, went to the sweet shop (everybody surely knows how much I love sweets, so of course I came away with a cup of pick ‘n’ mix) and a few touristy shops. The weather was super miserable, so we had a quick glance at the actual needles out at sea, before retiring to a coffee shop in the dry whilst we waited for Flick’s dad to finish his dog walk. I decided to forego the hot drink idea and had half a Magners with some blackcurrant instead. Yum!

Flick’s dad dropped us off at the house so we could get our own car and head back out again. We tried the House of Chilli a second time and on this round, it was open! So it was back to the tasting session. This place had more bowls of the various jams and sauces, but with pieces of tortilla for dipping instead. There were a lot of really nice ones, including the general sweet chilli sauce, a spicy cheese dip and most of the balsamic vinegars. My favourite was a garlic and chilli dipping sauce, which I bought a bottle of. We also tried some chilli pork scratchings and I managed four of the super hot ghost chilli based sauces before having to run back and douse the fire with bits of tortilla and the nicer sauces. Safe to say I won’t be taking any of those home!

Why didn't I believe the sign?

Why didn’t I believe the sign?

I filled up on pick ‘n’ mix in the car to get rid of the chilli tastes and we headed into Godshill, which is one of the little town areas. We went into another touristy shop so that Kel could get an Isle of Wight themed magnet. I didn’t want to feel left out, so I bought a funny little cow teddy. Since Chuck has been one of our main watchings whilst we’ve been here, I’ve named him Casey. Seeing as he’s a big hunk of amazing man and I love him. We then visited Jenny at work in the fossil shop. I tried to buy a stone with a cute little Apatosaurus printed on it, but she insisted there was no charge, which was very sweet of her.

Since the weather was still incredibly crap, we decided to call it on the outings for the day. We came back to Flick’s and had more cheese pizza and bean burgers for an early tea (I’m really gonna have to get me some of those at home) followed by millionaire’s cheesecake and cream. Yummy scrumboes! We binged on the rest of Friends season six and I showered at some point in between, whilst the girls then played cards with Jenny and their mom.

Once I was all clean, we then moved into Jenny’s ‘cave’ to watch Chuck. Seriously, I am so jealous of these guys having their own friggin’ apartments within the house. My room isn’t even big enough for me and the dog! We watched five episodes of Chuck and I was seriously stoked, because not only did that include the angel of death episode – a personal favourite of mine – it also had Brandon Routh’s first appearance. This is the man who made me forget how to walk. No, seriously, he walked past me at a convention and I actually just stopped and did nothing. Because pretty boys tend to make my brain not work.

Jenny had to stop after the five episodes because of getting up for work. We decided to call it quits too, as we want to try more fossil hunting at low tide in the morning. Went to bed with my total of worries having gone up to include no ghosties, no migraines and hopefully my alarm remembering to work!


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