20/9/15 – Bouncy bouncy, ooh, such a good time!

Got up around half nine. Thankfully, no ghosties had tried to get me in the night and the worst thing that had happened to me was getting a migraine at about five o’clock. I get those so frequently lately though that I’m practically used to it now. My meds had got rid of it by that point so I was more than happy to get up and shower. Man, it’s a nice shower! Once we were all ready, we got back into the car and headed out to the first thing on our itinerary, which was Sharon Orchard.

It was a small place, but the people were very friendly and the man who gave us the tour even stopped his painting job to show us around. We learnt about how they make cider, apple and cider vinegar, and were also told a little about the processes other companies use for making whiskey and vodka. Then when we went back into the other room, the woman gave us some tasters of three ciders to try – a dry, a medium and a sweet. All for free too! I liked the sweet and the medium, but would have needed blackcurrant with the dry. We knew Dad would like it though, so we got him a bottle. I decided to try a bottle of the traditional lemonade and a small bottle of apple juice too.

From there, we moved round to the wine vineyard next door. It was a little bigger and their actual vineyard was very pretty. Because we turned up at an odd time, we ended up catching the end of one tour and then joining the next one not long after, meaning we got more tasters! Woohoo! If you’ve read more of my blog, you’ll know from the wine tasting tour I did in Napa that I’m really not a wine fan, but I was pleasantly surprised with this. The blackberry, raspberry, plum and elderflower wines were all quite nice, as was the mixed spritzer we got to try. Nothing tasted of vinegar this time. I had the tiniest taste of a blackcurrant liqueur, but couldn’t drink that as it was eighteen percent volume and I was on driving duty today. Again, all for free though! We bought some of the plum wine for Mom to try, as something different.

After that was garlic tasting at the Garlic Farm. This was seriously a day of free tasters i.e. my best kind of day! Dotted around one of the rooms were bowls of crackers and then various garlic based sauces, dips and chutneys to try. There were some very odd ones, but some real nice ones too, like the hoisin sauce and the thai green curry one. Kel bought one of the chutneys from the shop and we then migrated over to the restaurant to try their garlic bread. We had plain and with cheese too, and I had a pineapple juice to go with it. Of course. We came away happy and stinking of garlic, but at least we were all in it together.

I would go back all that way for this garlic bread. It's like Little Brampton and the pie all over again.

I would go back all that way for this garlic bread. It’s like Little Brampton and the pie all over again.

We tried to go to the House of Chilli afterwards, but it was closed by the time we got there. We had a look around a little emporium outside instead, which did some cute steampunk stuff, then went to Tapnell Farm to see some plastic cows that Flick reckoned I’d like, as I like cows. The farm was right up in the hills, so all the scenery around was just beautiful. The cows were cool – they were all decorated a different way, like a tiger one, a patchwork one, a super sparkly one, etc.

We decided to check out the activity barn an found two zip wires in there, so we had a couple of gos on those. But best of all, when we came out we found what they call a jumping pillow, which is like a mix between a bouncy castle floor and a giant trampoline. So obviously we spent a good hour on that, pissing about, trying to take bouncy selfies, falling over and doing stupid races. It takes a lot more energy than I remember. I don’t wanna sound like a bore or Danny Glover (okay, I might wanna sound like Danny Glover), but maybe I am getting too old for this shit.

Sadly, my Flash shirt didn't make me any faster.

Sadly, my Flash shirt didn’t make me any faster.

We came back all tired out and had a laugh at the photos. We had bombay potatoes and rice for tea, followed by a chocolate gateau. I had one of my Red Bulls that I’d moved into the fridge as soon as we got there and we went upstairs to Flick’s space to get Kel finished up on the last few episodes of Chuck season two. Friggin’ love that season finale so hard. We broke out some more Friends after that, before conceding to bedtime. Now I know to beware migraines more than ghosts.

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