12/1/15 – Back to normality

Up early in order to get ready for breakfast at eight. Enjoyed my last full English then ended up having to race up four flights of stairs when Mom told me that Kel had already gone up and needed help. False alarm – she’d happily got all the bags herself, so I’d spent a few minutes banging on the door to no one. What a doze. Got on the coach for our final drive and found out that our fun driver Shaun had been given his P45 that morning with no notice and not even as much as a thank you! Nasty bags! Safe to say all us passengers were ready to stage a protest for him.

Had a natter to Sar about Impractical Jokers (my current love) amongst other things on the coach, then we had a stop at some garden centre just outside of Bristol. Couldn’t find any Red Bull there like I wanted, but couldn’t really complain as I’d already drank quite a big one on the first leg of the drive. We had a little browse around the books and found some stupidly funny ones like What To Do To Prepare For A Gnome Attack (or something like that) and Graham of Thrones, which looked like it was written by the same person who did 50 Sheds of Grey (a hilarious read. Recommend!) I bought a little detective’s handbook. It looked like it might be aimed at a more younger audience, but may still come in handy for research purposes for my own crime stories.

The final coach journey was pretty uneventful. We broke out the rest of our picnic and I had a quick peek through my new book. My faith has already been lost – there was a spelling mistake on the very first page. Ah well, only six quid lost. We also ended up speaking to the woman sat in front as she’d done a lot of travelling round America too. She’d even stayed at the same hotel that we did in New Orleans! But then she ruined it all by saying she’d been very disappointed in New Orleans and that New York had been her favourite place. Totally the opposite of me. Forget that.

We’d requested from Shaun the day before to get off at Hopwood services when we stopped there, as opposed to going all round the wreaking in the stupid non-logical route of getting to Kings Heath via Coventry. I mean really. Thankfully he was cool with that, so we shaved two hours off our journey back. So despite finding our way onto a tinsel and turkey weekend, it’s been an enjoyable and very funny trip. Not to mention great value for the money with the inclusive travel, added coach trip, breakfasts, three-course meals and all the free drinks tokens. Would definitely do it again! Though maybe when it’s warmer.

I finally managed to sniff out some Red Bull at Hopwood services. That’ll be my last bad thing for the day and then it’s back on the diet tomorrow. We said goodbye to Terry and Maggie, then Pops and Uncle Colin came to pick us all up so we said goodbye to the rest of the group too (and had our last trades with Sar of “my name’s Jeff!”) Then before leaving I spotted a short, Asian John Leguizamo lookalike. Yeah, I’m happy ending the holiday on that one.

Until next time, girlies - thanks for more memories!

Until next time, girlies – thanks for more memories!


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