10/1/15 – Shake, rattle and roll

Got up and dressed ready for breakfast when we had a swift change of plans. We were originally going to hit the pool and have a wander around Torquay, but it was then decided that we were going to go on the included coach trip instead. So I had to have a very speedy shower and quickly blow dry my hair. Had to forget straightening if I wanted breakfast, which I obviously did. Sausage, bacon, hash brown, beans and scrambled eggs. Rather yummy! Definitely not worth missing. I had a few minutes to finish getting ready and putting my bag together before getting back onto the coach. Hello, our old friend…

As we drove round we saw the marina and scoped out our surroundings a little. We quickly found the chippies, pubs and arcades, so we have back-up plans for if the party tonight is as tragic as yesterday’s. We had a stop at the House of Marbles for an hour, looked around all the different glass and watched some of the glass-blowing. Some really beautiful stuff! Not necessarily my cup of tea though. Bought a tin of nice sweeties from the gift shop and then we went for a drink in the café.

Drove into Plymouth from there. Actually touched into Tavistock and saw the house that Sir Francis Drake used to live in. History that actually interests me! We also saw the harbor that was something to do with the Mayflower and the pilgrims (lost interest from there). We were let off the coach so we had a little wander around, then went and found their renowned harborside chippy. I caught a glimpse of the fish and they looked like they still had their tails on underneath the batter, so I steered clear of those and had chips and battered sausage instead. I didn’t want a repeat of what happened in Folkestone last year. Everything tasted like it had been cooked in some real goose fat type stuff. Very tasty but it got really sickly after a while. Goodbye diet…

We had another little wander after that and had a nose in a few of the gimmicky shops, but it started to rain and the temperature suddenly dropped so we decided it was time to head back to the coach. Had a cheeky Red Bull whilst we were on there. We drove back through Peyton and saw James May’s parents’ house. Always love some Top Gear factoids, me!

When we got back to the hotel we all went our different ways. Mom and Auntie Ann went for a coffee and then a walk, Auntie Helena hit the pool and me, Kel and Sar decided to try and tackle some hillside steps a little further down from the hotel that are apparently known as ‘heart attack steps’. Since Auntie Ann has already had two genuine heart attacks we’d told her she wasn’t allowed and that she and Mom had to sod off somewhere else for their walks. To be honest the steps were actually pretty disappointing – not even two hundred of them! We took a few obligatory selfies from the top and then headed back to the hotel again.

Top of the hill selfie!

Top of the hill selfie!

Kel and Sar both needed to shower, but Sar was stuck since Auntie Ann had gone off with their room key. So she came to chill in our room for a bit whilst we waited for the moms to get back. Discovered with absolute horror that Sar has never seen Mamma Mia. Safe to say I insisted we make plans for a girly film and takeaway night to watch it together. We slowly got ready and then all came down to dinner.

The menu was even fancier this time so I had to get more adventurous. To start I had a beetroot, cranberry and Camembert tart. I’ve discovered I don’t like beetroot – it tastes like the garden – but it was still edible enough. Next was braised beef with mushrooms (which all got chucked onto Mom’s plate, bleugh) mash and crispy potatoes. Now that was lovely! Finished off plain and simple with vanilla and strawberry ice cream. Tonight’s also the night where we get free drink vouchers, woo! And since Auntie Ann and Auntie Helena don’t drink we split their vouchers between us, so we get six each. Oh yeahhh! That’s a lot of vodka and cranberry juice for me tonight then.

We moved into the ballroom for another round of bingo. Yeah, that’s how we roll now. I actually got down to needing only one number on one of my cards too! Still don’t understand most of the weird phrases behind the numbers, but we had fun quacking whenever they mentioned a number with two in it and then related it to something about ducks. With all the miserable oldies around it felt like we were on the naughty table. Quack quack.

Then afterwards we had a cabaret singer called Jonathan Ray. He was fantastic! He was a great singer, he had lots of energy, he was pretty damn cute (he looked a lot like Jason Gray-Stanford) and he chose some really awesome songs! He did Elvis, Queen, Jerry Lee Lewis, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones… He even sang Mr. Bojangles – haven’t heard that in years! Best of all though, he said he was going to do one for the swingers and then broke into I Wanna Be Like You. Any guy who can sing Disney is instantly amazing in my books.

We were all up dancing quite a lot and our singer even got a bunch of the oldies up too. The man is clearly magic. Yes, I’m a little bit in love right now. Got a thing for those musical types. A good half of the people there got up for the end of his performance to have a dance to New York, New York. Us included of course. I had to tell myself not to kick too high because I had an inappropriate hole in my leggings. I’m classy like that.

We then had a sit and a chill, as well as many more drinks, whilst we just chatted and got to know an older couple called Terry and Maggie (Terry had been quacking along with us during bingo). When our conversation turned to cars, as mine so often do, it then came about that Terry’s mate was the same one who serviced my Mazda last year. Small world! Some random guy at the bar gave me his last drink vouchers so I lost count of how many vodkas I had. All of the oldies started disappearing so we put in a few requests with the DJ and had the dance floor to ourselves for a bit of Bonnie Tyler and UB40.

All in all it was a stupidly hilarious night. Nowhere near as tragic as our first one, thankfully. We laughed over the most ridiculous things, made it all the more fun for ourselves, drank lots, welcomed in Terry’s birthday after midnight, and lost count of how many times we’d said “My name’s Jeff!” Definitely our quote of the holiday. We clearly know how to party.

Turn arounddd...

Turn arounddd…


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