15/8/14 – Not sure I’ve missed drives like these

So I’m back again with the whole holiday/travel blogging malarky. Only a few days worth of my drivel this time, promise! This was actually a bit of a spontaneous break really. For a while I’ve wanted to do some more local weekends away and get some more places under my belt. I’ve travelled around America and even a bit of Canada. I’ve been to Spain, Turkey, France and back to Greece a gazillion times. But there’s still so much of the UK that I haven’t seen, considering it’s all right there on my doorstep! (Supposedly. See later part of the entry regarding driving times). Knowing this, Momma sent me a bunch of Groupon ideas. Me and Kel found one we liked and booked it in for the earliest weekend possible. So after work, once we’d packed the last few essentials, we headed off for our weekend in Kent!

We left just after two, armed with sweets and my new musicals playlist. We kick-started our driving duets again, adding some new Moulin Rouge ones. I always get the guy’s side of course. We also had a try at some Wicked ones too. I’m still not too familiar with the songs yet, but I think I get Elphaba’s parts, woo! We had some laughs on the way, including over a ridiculously wonky coach that had clearly sat all the fatties on one side. Despite trying to lighten the journey with jokes and music, we hit several patches of bad traffic and the drive took close to a painful five hours. And since it’s me I was obviously starving by the time we got there.

Picnic's happening on the right hand side!

Picnic’s happening on the right hand side!

The hotel looked lovely from the outside. It was shaped to look like a boat and overlooked the harbor on the other side of the road. We checked into our room – very familiar set-up as it’s a Britannia hotel, which we normally use when we stay in Wolves (complete with stupidly small glasses that may as well just be big shot glasses) – then headed down to the restaurant for our free tea! It was a free buffet as well. My healthy eating’s clearly out the window for this weekend (oh yeah, I’m healthy eating now; what madness is this?) I had chicken curry and rice, chips and two kinds of pasta. Then jelly, Angel Delight and fruit salad for pudding, mmm.

Suitably stuffed and chuffed, we went out to do a bit of exploring. You can see the white cliffs of Dover even from the front of the hotel. We had a wander along the harbour and watched a dog trying to drink from the dancing fountains, and some kids playing in the sludge from where the tide had gone out. Been a while since I’ve seen British sea! (Colder, greyer and buggers off out much further than most other seas). We found out very quickly that we have two chippies and an off-license next door too. Perfect!

No tide! Sorry boats, but you're not going anywhere

No tide! Sorry boats, but you’re not going anywhere

Chilling with my new friend. Who was apparently a mermaid, but I'm not seeing any tail...

Chilling with my new friend. Who was apparently a mermaid, but I’m not seeing any tail…

We trawled some of the cute little side streets for a while. Pubs everywhere – even more perfect! Though the image was spoilt a little by a guy probably younger than me crossing the road to put his arm round my shoulders and ask my name, then if he could see my tits. And apparently just refusing an outlandish request like that makes you sound stuck up, so I kept everyone happy by saying I wasn’t drunk enough for that. Also internally added that I never would be either.

On our way back we popped into the off-license and I grabbed a Kopparberg and a couple of VS’s for the room. We had a drink at the bar before retiring and tried their house draft of Somersby’s cider. Very nice! We’d sat by some crane machines and I got stupidly excited when I saw they had teddies of the cute little frog thing from Cut The Rope. I felt the need to have six go’s to try and get one. Failed every go obviously, because I suck at them. Sorry little froggy.

The bane of my existence - failing at crane machines (well note quite, but you get how distraught I was)

The bane of my existence – failing at crane machines (well note quite, but you get how distraught I was)

Came back to the room afterwards, since we were both still knackered out from the long drive and from having to get up at half four in the morning for work (the worst part of our Fridays). Caught a bit of the ending to Bridget Jones’ Diary on TV, then had my Kopparberg and started watching Date Night, which was on next. I can barely remember anything about this film – I didn’t even have any idea that Jimmi Simpson was in it! I believe that’s my night of eye candy sorted then!


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