1/7/14 – Yasu Stalis, sagapo!

Woke up at a stupid hour with a crazy pain in my leg. It felt like the muscle was all knotted. I felt it was a bit unfair seeing as I was super good and didn’t do any dancing last night. Took some painkillers and went back to sleep on and off until the alarm went off. Thankfully it seemed to do the trick. Got up again and had my last glass of sangria whilst packing up the essentials. I clearly don’t believe in a ‘too early’. Definitely not my first time drinking on a morning (it’s totally allowed on holiday at least). We evacuated everything from the room and I donated our unopened bottles of water to a group who’d moved into our old room a few days ago.

We’d got suncreamed up as usual and went down to the Robin Hood for our final brunch. I had the pick ‘n’ mix breakfast again – exactly the same way as I had it before. One thing I definitely won’t miss about Greece is that people can still smoke in bars and restaurants. There’s no non-smoking section either. I had to use Kel’s fan just to try and dissipate the worst of the smoke smell. I still stand firm on the smoking ban being one of the best things England ever did. It’s kinda selfish otherwise to have to breathe in gross air when you’re trying to eat, drink or just sit and not want to be bothered by pollution. And the worst thing is that you’re the rude one if you complain, even when you’re not the one forcing toxic fumes on everyone else. Can you tell smoking’s my biggest hate? The Robin Hood does redeem itself slightly with its music though. Today they played some Tears For Fears and M.I.A. (always makes me think of This Is The End).

Spent the rest of the day around the pool. I would have liked to make the most out of the last of our sun, but it seemed foolish with no real way to cool down properly when it got too much. No air conditioned room to go back to and no shower either, so I didn’t really want to properly go in the pool. Ended up just dipping my legs and arms and then going back to chasing shade. Even then it was still a bit much. I tried to distract myself with more writing and reading more than a third of Inca Gold. And a Kopparberg to stay semi-hydrated of course.

We wanted to eat early-ish so that we didn’t have to risk rushing back to the apartments for our transfer. I changed into the set of clothes I’d left out and, with no shower to use, washed up as best as I could in the toilets by the pool. Whilst I was going back and forth getting ready and packing final things into the case Princess decided to come and sit on my foot. Aww. Maybe she knew that my dogs do that and was trying to make me feel better about going home. Or maybe my foot just looked comfy.

We went back to Golden Beach for our last meal. Had out baguettes with garlic butter and then my final mixed grill. Got free shots and ice cream again, then had to say goodbye to Greek Zachary Levi and Greek Karl Urban (the guy who worked on the door). Afterwards we went back to Nemo because I’d wanted another nice Cosmo before we left. We got more free shots too! Said goodbye to George in Relax on our way back and promised to find his Facebook page, and had our last laugh over De Overloop (a bar that always looked very subdued even when it was full of people – we said it was where hopes and dreams must go to die). Had time for one more cocktail back at the apartments so I decided to try an Orgasm Dream. Very yummy once you get past the name. Our coach then arrived so we hugged Van, Effie and Manos goodbye and climbed aboard.

Had a few hours to kill in the airport so we whiled away the time by playing silly games and having a nosy in duty free. Our plane took off bang on time at half one. I watched Psych the Musical and listened to the first half of the Scott Freeman episode of That Anime Show, which made me giggle over their conversations about Whataburger (a fast food chain that we kept seeing in Texas last year and would have to say “WHAT A BURGER!” every time we saw one) and CSI: Mignogna. My head was then really starting to hurt so I tried to snooze it off for a while. It passed the time but didn’t help my headache any. Looks like a migraine is welcoming me home, yay. Not. Like taking off, we landed back in Birmingham right on time. We went through some weird new do-it-yourself passport control and thankfully didn’t have long to wait for cases, then we were taxi bound back home.

The dogs went mental when we got in after dropping Mel off and Izzy kept licking the backs of my knees as I was pottering about the kitchen. As expected, she then wanted half my bed. I didn’t care – I’d never wanted that bed more, with or without a bed buddy! Now I have the prospect of roast dinner tonight to look forward to. Ah, home, sweet home.

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