30/6/14 – No Zorbas’ing tonight

Got up and watched some Darker Than Black (it really is a cool show) then me and Kel got ready and went down to the pool for a bit. We were there for about an hour before we get really hungry, so we came back up to the apartment to check if Mel was up. Thankfully she was so we headed on down to Golden Beach. Greek Zach Levi wasn’t there, but we got served by the original cute bartender. I had chicken gyros with pitta bread and chips, mmm. They also do the nicest mayonnaise there. That’s quite a big deal for me. I’m not the biggest fan of mayo – I’m still slightly scarred from having to lick warm mayo off Jon at one of our house parties. We even got some shots of peach schnapps. With lunch. Fancy!

We got ice creams on the way back. I was in the mood for something fruity so I had a strawberry tropical Calyppo. We decided to go through a different underpass for a change of pace. And not a good one. It had steps and you have to loop round the top, so it takes longer. Think we’ll stick with our normal underpass. I did hear Bonnie Tyler playing in the hotel we walked past though. Hilarious! I swear that song haunts me. Sat by the pool for the rest of the afternoon. Kopparberg, bit of reading, a big chunk of writing. I’ve also gotten a bit braver with the butterflies. Not sure if it’s because I’ve just accepted that there’s a lot here and I can’t escape them all or if it’s due to laziness. Before I’d be up and away every time I spotted one. Now I try batting them with my book. Personal growth.

Had a quick trip to the shop then back to the apartment to shower. Watched another ep of Darker Than Black (and giggled over the Aniplex product placement), had my Red Bull and read some more. Then moved onto sangria whilst getting ready. We went down to the bar and ordered some drinks (Hawaii Five-O for me) before sitting down to barbeque grub again. All just as good as last time. Sadly I couldn’t join in with the dancing because my leg’s still being stupid – can’t raise it above a certain height and it doesn’t like sidestepping either, which meant no Greek Zorbas and definitely no climbing on the bar. Boo. This time everyone dancing on the bar got given shots and I was jealous to start with, since we hadn’t been given any last week, until I realised they were shots of raki. Suddenly wasn’t so jealous anymore! I had a Kiwi Cooler and played a game of pool with Mel afterwards. Lost again. I seem to be cursed with always having a really good start, then losing it rapidly.

We then went down onto the strip to see the crepe man who always rings his bell at us, because me and Mel were both determined to have crepes this holiday. He was very happy to see us. I had a “chocolate bueno” crepe. Which is basically hazelnutty, chocolatey mush in a crepe. Quite literally heaven on a plate. I clearly haven’t had chocolate in a while though because it actually really hurt my teeth. Me and Kel then made friends with a really happy beagle behind a gate on the way back. Blatantly ignored the sign that said “beware of the dog”. It didn’t really ring true when he was just so damn happy to see us. All the dogs here have made me miss my own woofies though. I saw a thing in the in-flight magazine on the way over that said the best thing about coming home from holiday is coming back to your dog. So, so true.

Got back to the apartment and packed away our last things, bar what we’ll need tomorrow. I finished off Sahara so that I could pack that too and just keep Inca Gold in my hand luggage. I had a quick glass of sangria whilst reading. I’d like to be posh and say it was a nightcap, but it was actually just me trying to finish off the bottle. I’ll have to have the rest in the morning. Waste not, want not. We then discovered some crazy show on Prime. No idea what it was called but straightaway we spotted James Woods, Paul Wesley, Sebastian Blood and some guy from Final Destination 2. Will have to be IMDb’ing this when we get home.

The room looks strangely bare now with everything packed so neatly back in the cases. Tidy’s no fun – not to mention a reminder of our last day tomorrow, cry! Still… one plus is I only have one more night of this horrible lumpy pillow. Definitely much prefer my own bed. Though it does mean I get stuck with my furry bed-warmer again (Izzy takes up so much room in my poor little single bed). Lesser of two evils, anyone?

Mel tried to be fancy with various camera filters. I ruined it with a funny face.

Mel tried to be fancy with various camera filters. I ruined it with a funny face.


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