29/6/14 – Damn you, Costa Rica!

Kel was actually up before me this morning, shock horror! I sat in bed and watched an episode of Darker Than Black before we both got ready and went down to the pool. It was completely cloudy to start, which was even more horrifying! Thankfully it brightened up over the next hour. Mel then appeared so we went down to the bakery again for food. It wasn’t very successful. My pineapple juice was the weirdest I’ve ever had – strangely fizzy tasting and not that pineapple-y. The green and yellow straws I was given matched my bikini at least, so yay for that. I had homemade chips that were really oily and quite sickly with some bizarre skinny sausages. They were real soft meat and barely had any taste to them. Think I’ll just stick to their ice cream.

On the way back we went into another shop we’d been interested in but that was usually closed when we went past on a night. I bought another present for Flick (got her birthday sorted now!) and some magnets for Treezy – a cute one and a funny one of course. Then spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool. Had my usual Kopparberg, some bits of writing here and there and read a huge chunk of Sahara. God, Clive Cussler’s works are just so addictive. I wasn’t very impressed because butterflies kept choosing to hide under my sunbed. Cue a lot of stupid girly noises, flapping my book and/or running away. At one point though, Princess (the totally adorable dog at the apartments belonging to Van and Effy, who runs around wearing a pink bandana) came and had a snooze in the shade behind our sunbeds. Too cute!

Mel then got picked up for her horse riding, so me and Kel came back up to the apartment. I’d had to run in earlier in the day because my bikini had rapidly worn away and become very see-through, eeek. So I had to change and throw it away, sob. I haven’t had much luck with my bikinis this year. On the very first day all the colours of my brand new, ridiculously expensive sailor bikini ran into one another. I’m hoping it’ll be okay after being washed properly at home or New Look will be getting some complaints. If it had been a cheapy Primark one I wouldn’t have minded so much, but for twenty-eight quid I’d expect it to last a bit longer than one day!

Watched another episode of Darker Than Black before showering. Then had my daily dose of Red Bull and read some more. Love Is An Open Door came on my iPod at one point and me and Kel were singing our parts to each other from our separate bedrooms (we sing it as a duet in my car a LOT – I get Hans’s part because I always end up being the dudes). We were actually singing it through an open door to each other too. Oh, the irony. Had another Kopparberg as I slowly got ready, since Mel had only just gotten back and still needed to shower. I was excited to wear my new pineapple skater dress from ASOS. I’d had to keep it to wear towards the end of the holiday because it has a big hole in the front above my belly button, so I had to make sure I’d tanned appropriately. I succeeded, yay!

We went back to Dionaesus (or something like that) for food. i.e. the place we’d just ran into without looking at the name before because I’d been too hungry. Had a strawberry daiquiri and the saganaki to start, which wasn’t as nice as I remember from last time. I swear I could weirdly taste cinnamon in it. The one I had last night was definitely the best. I had curried chicken again for my main, which was really good once I’d picked out my mountain of pepper. I don’t mind a bit of pepper, but the issue with it is that once it touches your food everything then tastes of pepper. I did get yummy roast potatoes though, nom nom. At the end we got given nice free shots, a plate of watermelon and some weird pink blancmange that I wouldn’t touch once I learnt it smelt like marzipan. No thanks.

We went to Edam bar to watch the Greece v. Costa Rica game. Cheering for Greece of course (in the hopes of getting free shots if they won). I had a glass of sangria and a Green Angel whilst we were there. For the most part the game was pretty uneventful (though I did like the cute Aussie ref) besides some dirty play from both sides. We’d basically given up by the last few minutes, paid for our drinks and were just waiting to leave when Greece scored a last crazy goal and tied up the score. It was a cracker of a goal too!

The tie added an extra half hour of play. By this point Mel wanted to go back because she was saddle sore and her feet hurt from her shoes, so we walked her back to the apartments during extra time and then went down onto the strip again after in search of kebabs. It’s terrible that I haven’t had one right until the end of the holiday – it was always my post-drinking tradition on previous holidays. It was totally as good as I remembered though. At this stage the game was in its final ten minutes so we sat on a wall outside a bar and watched from there, alongside a random Greek girl. Every time something exciting seemed to be happening we jumped up from the wall and then started creeping closer and closer to the screen.

The score still didn’t change and then went onto penalties. We knew there’s always a load of faff before they actually start the penalties, so we quickly finished up our kebabs and started heading back. When we got down to Edam again they looked ready to start, so we stopped to watch from there. The penalties were heartbreakingly close. They both scored the first three goal each, Greece dropped their fourth and Costa Rica then scored the rest. It was very depleting – I felt so sorry for all the locals. We then trudged back to give Mel the lowdown. Looks like I only have America to root for now.


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