28/6/14 – What are these clouds?

Woke up from a sexy Slade Wilson dream, oh yeah. Watched more Darker Than Black, then we all got ready in turn to go hunting for food. It turned out that Panorama had a little snack bar on the beach so we went there. It was really odd – we had to go down some steps and then through what seemed to be somebody’s vegetable patch. I had a jacket potato with cheese and beans and because we were there I just had to have the halloumi cheese again. Sooo good. We went into the bakery a few doors down after for pudding. I had strawberry ice cream and cherries and cream frozen yoghurt. Nothing on Entices, but still yummy.

We spent a few hours on the beach. I did more writing and had my usual Kopparberg. We were horrified though when it actually started to get cloudy! What are these clouds! So we buggered off to do a bit of shopping instead. Mel needed leggings for her horse riding tomorrow, as well as a new suitcase because hers literally exploded on the flight over. We all needed shaving cream too. We ended up getting men’s cream because it was a lot cheaper. I’m assuming it’ll work the same.

Had Red Bull and sangria in the apartment amongst reading, watching Psych and Darker Than Black and getting ready. Had a Hawaii Five-O at the bar and Skyped the oldies for a bit, whilst Mel watched the Brazil game. We watched the penalties with her before going to Mythos for food. Typical that we were going to the restaurant furthest away when we then all needed the loo. I had a Rainbow cocktail and saganaki to start. Now this was proper saganaki! I had my second shot at chicken curry and struck lucky with that too. It was gorgeous – definitely how I remember! We then got free Sex on the Beach shooters with the bill.

There was a boardwalk across the beach right by our table, so we headed down to the sea front after we paid to watch the waves for a bit. They were pretty crazy and made even spookier in the dark. We came back up onto the strip and into one of the tourist shops. Me and Mel went crazy as soon as we got inside and started playing with all the toys and instruments. I then got super carried away with buying stuff. I bought a few things for Flick, a fairy sat on top of a harlequin mask for Kay and a green wooden cow (I do love cows), a snake ring and a Green Day guitar ornament for myself. These shops are clearly aimed at people like me.

We then went for a drink in Edam. I had a lovely sangria that came with lots of fruit (my five a day again!) We watched a good chunk of the Colombia v. Uruguay game and rooted for Colombia since they’re Kel’s team in the sweepstakes. They won too! Their double scorer James Rodriguez did great (and I immediately took a shine to him because of his name), but their goalie was an absolute star player. It was a genuinely great game, even though one of Uruguay’s players carried out a really dirty tackle (if you could even call it a tackle when the ball was nowhere near – it was more a kick and a knee in the back just to be a dick) and only got yellow carded for it. Luis Suarez leads a team of hooligans, clearly.

Back to the apartment afterwards. We’ve hit the point where we’ve been trying to figure out what restaurants we want to go back to and how many we can fit in. Always a sad point of holiday when you have to start any kind of budgeting with food.

Couldn't get up onto the high stools because of my leg. Like there wasn't already an obvious height difference.

Couldn’t get up onto the high stools because of my leg. Like there wasn’t already an obvious height difference.


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