27/6/14 – Definitely too much heat, Gaston

Mel and Kel had desperately wanted air con in their room, which we bought last night. It clearly helped because they didn’t get up till past midday! I was bored after finishing The Harlequin and even making a start on Sahara, but I didn’t want to go down to the pool without having put sun cream on my back after burning it yesterday. So waiting it was. We went straight down for food once they were up and ready. I did the cheesy fries with bacon and a side of onion rings again, only this time with a pineapple slush. Yummy.

Had another pool day but, though it pains me to admit it, I pretty much spent it shade-chasing. We thought it was hot yesterday but had to rethink that when it got up to thirty-eight degrees today. I spent a wee bit of time in the sun but only succeeded in burning the backs of my legs. Goddamn. So I followed the shade around with my sunbed. Did some writing and more writing when I could steal Kel’s tablet. And had a now traditional Kopparberg of course.

Did even more writing and watched another episode of Darker Than Black amongst getting ready back in the apartment, Had a Red Bull, then upgraded to sangria. We had a laugh over all the Suarez jokes on TV too (disgraceful git deserves it). We especially liked “Chew Trident, not soccer players”. Had a quick Kiwi Cooler by the bar, then went for a little shop. I got my Converse bag that I’ve been looking at all holiday. It’s so cute; it has red and green laces on the front – my favourite colours!

We went to Panorama for tea and I had probably my most exciting moment of the holiday when I realised they did grilled halloumi cheese as a starter. I was so excited that I said it too quickly and the waitress had no idea what I’d said. Sad, I know, but this is what food does to me. It was worth the excitement though – seriously gorgeous! I had curried chicken as a main. It was nice but, like the Greek snack, not how I remembered and not what I expected. I was still buzzing from the halloumi to really care though. Seriously. We then got given nice mini cocktails before the bill. They tasted like refresher sweets!

We went for a drink at the Village after. I had a Sea Breeze and all the various fruit that came with it. That’s my being healthy; I’m allowed more bad stuff now. Mel took some videos of Kel playing silly buggers with her fan, which amused us for a while. We then moved on to Relax. George was clearly happy to see us and gave us some shots of peach schnapps straight off. I had another Kiwi King and we inspected the lizard some more. Not actually sure if he’d dead because he hasn’t moved over the last few days… We called him Suarez either way. Me and Mel had a game of pool and I lost again. Boo. I really suck this holiday.

We then came back as a crazy wind had started to come out of nowhere. It wasn’t even a cool breeze; it was actually just ridiculously hot. Urgh. We found another lizard down the alley but it ran away before Mel could take a picture. We then got back and had a bit of hoo-ha over the air con. Mel wanted the door closed because she didn’t like the light from the bathroom and I wanted it open so I could get some air con through into my room. I thought it was only fair seeing as I paid for it too. Compromise can only work both ways. Supposedly.

The cocktails with all the infamous fruit (most of mine had been eaten by this point, as you can tell).

The cocktails with all the infamous fruit (most of mine had been eaten by this point, as you can tell).


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