25/6/14 – Too much heat, Gaston

Up and ready fairly early this morning, though I still squeezed in the next episode of Darker Than Black. We went down to the Robin Hood again for grub. This time I had hot dog with fried onions and chips. There was a too-high ratio of bread to meat, so I tore the ends of the roll off and made mini chip butties. Genius idea! We decided to spend a few hours on the beach since we hadn’t been down there for the last several days. More reading, writing, planning and Kopparberg (I feel like I’m really advertising Kopparberg here). Hilariously, we then spotted the cute Hollandish guy on the beach too. Fate was clearly feeling very kind, giving us an opportunity to see him without his shirt on too. Kel reckoned he was too skinny, but I like skinny.

At thirty-two degrees it was ridiculously hot today, so we were all desperate for a dip in the pool. I got a bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice on our way back – I can’t see it even lasting me the night; it’s absolutely to die for. Had our dip in the pool and then did about an hour of reading before giving in and seeking solace and Red Bull in the apartment (something else I’ve been advertising a lot). Also had a sneaky glass of sangria whilst getting ready after showering.

Finally went to Roma for tea – we’d been looking at it for ages. They gave us some yummy cheesy garlic bread before anything else. Always a plus. I had saganaki again to start and was still disappointed. It was a little more melty than the one last night, but still wrapped in a thin omelette. Omelette was not what I asked for, boo. I had tortellini bolognese after, which was nice enough – basically like spag bol but with much more pasta – it just got a bit boring after a while. We did get some free shots at the end though. I still want to go back and try the curried chicken fillet – I just thought I’d be more adventurous tonight.

We went back to Relax afterwards. George the bartender now just calls Mel Margarita (he’s shouted it a few times when we’ve walked past). I had a Kiwi King to start with, which was sooo lush! (Basically just vodka, kiwi and pineapple juice). Kel and Mel had a game of pool whilst I then had a Singapore Sling. I played Kel afterwards and lost. She snookered me on my last ball and I accidentally potted the black whilst trying to bounce off the cushion to get it. Kel spotted a lizard run behind some spare parasols and George then told us where some others lived. I went on the hunt and found one straightaway. It wasn’t like most Greek lizards – it looked more like a newt. I had another Kiwi King and we were given a round of free shots. We then got another round when we went up to the bar to pay. Woohoo!

We came back to the apartments afterwards – our earliest night yet. It’s all good though; it’s because we’re going to the water park tomorrow. But it does mean that it’s the first morning we’ve had to set an alarm. Shock horror.

Luis Suarez the lizard. Stay clear just in case he bites (hey, you never know).

Luis Suarez the lizard. Stay clear just in case he bites (hey, you never know).


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