24/6/14 – Boom has nothing on the Club Ramble!

Lip’s had a horrible allergic reaction again, cry. Don’t let me down now, allergy tablets. Finished off Danse Macabre whilst waiting for the others to wake up and made a start on The Harlequin (Edward’s back, yea!) Also watched the first episode of Darker Than Black just for a change of pace. It’s one of those shows that you just know is gonna be good! Went to Golden Beach again for lunch. Freddy served us this time so I asked if they were still able to do the Greek snacks the way they used to. Sadly he said they couldn’t because they don’t do the same curry sauce anymore, but he seemed pleased that we were repeat offenders. I think he even remembered out group from way back when (probably because of Uncle Dave – everyone remembers Uncle Dave).

Sat by the pool afterwards, but only for a few hours. It was ridiculously hot again and we had to be ready earlier because we were going into Hersonissos for a bar crawl later. Read some more, wrote some more and planned out some more future stuff for Affinity. We got ready early, as planned, and headed into Hersonissos. Had tea at Niki’s, which was very underwhelming. Almost every part of my mixed grill was chewy and/or fatty, the saganaki was just a thick lump of warm non-melted cheese coated in a thin omelette and our cocktails didn’t taste like that they even had any alcohol in them. Our only plus for the meal was a nice sea-front view. We left a rather poor tip and ran away.

We then joined up to our bar crawl, starting with an Irish bar called Shenanigans. I learnt early on that we had a cute Hollandish rep (yes I know it’s Dutch; I just like saying Hollandish) who I forced to have selfies with us later on. We even got in the front of his group photo in one of the bars, score! We covered five more bars on the crawl – Cameo, Paradiso, Bio Bio and Tiger. Free shots in every one (even two in Shenanigans!) The Boom bar crawl in Wolves needs to take note.

I had a Woo Woo and Sex on the Beach in Shenanigans before we moved on. It was way better than any bar crawl back home – you actually had plenty of time for your drinks, rather than wasting it all by queuing at the bar and then quickly having to down your drink. I had a vodka and pineapple juice at Cameo. The measures were ridiculous – it was almost as bad as the biker bar in Panama City Beach. It was more a glass of vodka with a hint of pineapple juice. We then did some awful liquorice-tasting shots. I genuinely had a minute where I thought I might vom. My gag reflex is normally much better than that.

They had a two-for-one deal on Sex on the Beach in Paradiso, so we got four and downed the spare one between us. We then ended up doing the same thing in Bio Bio too. We actually got to have a bop in all of them apart from Shenanigans, which was a nice change. I didn’t know half the music they were playing because I’m pretty outdated on the modern stuff, but we did get some plays of Macklemore, Robin Thicke, Bruno Mars and Nicki Minaj. Then in Bio Bio they played an honest-to-god club mix of Let It Go. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed “oh my god!” on a dance floor before (except maybe when Babylon played the Pokémon theme for the first time).

We didn’t want to leave too late because we didn’t know how difficult it would be to find a taxi back to Stalis. Thankfully it was very straightforward. Now we just need to find a day to go back and explore even more of Hersonissos!

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