23/6/14 – Sorry squire, I scratched your record

Woke up to find I had a cold sore. I could have cried – I hate those little fuckers. But of course I still have half my holiday left and it’d be a little thing to let spoil it. We decided to eat at the apartments today to save Kel’s knee. I had cheesy fries with bacon and a side of onion rings. All so yummy. Stayed by the pool again – same routine of writing, reading, sunbathing and Kopparberg. It was really hot today and I think I spent a little too much time in the sun. I listened to the whole soundtrack of Psych the Musical whilst sunbathing but don’t remember some of it, so I clearly fell asleep at one point. Came back up to the apartment and revived myself with Red Bull.

We had our barbeque night tonight so we headed on down to the bar and had a couple of cocktails first (Sexy Lady and Hawaii Five-O for me – both pineapple juice based of course). Then we got the food. Oh my life, so much good food. I had pork and chicken souvlaki skewers, spit roast chicken, sausages, roast potatoes (my god, those potatoes), fresh bread and randomly spag bol. I literally piled my plate up, which was then a little embarrassing because we’d thought it would be a good idea to sit at the table closest to the food,but it then meant that everyone was queuing right by our table and could see what greedy gits we were. Oops. I tried for a second helping of potatoes after but they defeated me. I think that says a lot about how much food I had. We were then given a plate of watermelon to wash it down.

A little while after (thankfully) they gave all the men crazy wigs and us girls some spangly bandanas and got everyone up dancing. They then had us dancing up on the bar as well. The bar’s about four-feet high – getting up and down in a dress in front of loads of people isn’t the most graceful thing ever. My dress isn’t exactly long either. We had a break and squeezed in another quick cocktail before we got caught to do the Greek Zorbas around the pool. They sprayed lines of fire all around it as well. I was barefoot by this point because I hadn’t wanted to accidentally kick my shoes off, so I was literally jumping fire and still trying to dance.

When the song was over people started jumping fully clothed into the pool, including Kel. Mel quickly disappeared and I was tempted to do the same because of the clothes situation, but some man caught me and convinced me to jump in with him. Swimming is another thing that isn’t so easy in a dress. It just kept wanting to float up. I may have been wearing boxers but they were white and white tends to turn see-through when wet, eek! Me and Kel then quickly ran back up to the apartment to dry off and get changed (she accidentally dropped her pants off the balcony when trying to hang them up to dry, which I thought was hysterical). They were playing Madness as we were coming back down and I was really tempted to start skanking down the stairs, but decided it wouldn’t be the best idea with how wet we’d made them.

The music they played throughout the night was fantastic. I almost thought they were going to play Ernie at one point and nearly fell off my stool. They played lots of ska, lots of golden oldies and an Elvis medley that was introduced by a radio DJ, which made me woo like I was at a gig. They played a few Blues Brothers hits too – one of which was followed repeatedly by “sorry squire, I scratched your record” (hey, we thought it was amusing). I think the oldies at the bar loved me – my music taste is just so dated. Love the eighties, love the fifties and love the sixties. The only other thing they could have played was some Adam Ant, but maybe that’s asking too much.

Had some free shots, a Kopparberg, then moved over to play a few games of pool between us. I won my game by default because Kel potted the black and the white together. Yay, cheap win. Eventually we conceded to go back to the apartment. Seriously fun night! I still have the music coming in through my window (can totally hear Spandau Ballet’s Gold right now) so I might just carry on boogying in bed.

Seriously hoping nobody had a view of my underwear at that height!

Seriously hoping nobody had a view of my underwear at that height!

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