22/6/14 – Falls and fire

First up again. Read, wrote and watched an episode of Psych before there was life from the others. By the time everyone was eventually awake Kel still couldn’t be bothered to get up properly and deemed to stay in the apartment for a while longer. Me and Mel were both hungry so we went for a walk to find food. We went down practically onto the beach to Mike’s Snack Bar. Had a ham and cheese omelette, potatoes and fresh orange juice. We even got free bread to start and then watermelon. Only issue was a big hill we had to climb back up afterwards. Still not entirely sure if it was worth it. Much hill.

Kel was by the pool by the time we got back. Had a few dips, another Kopparberg, but mostly concentrated on alternating between writing and sunbathing. I managed to make a start on Aftermath of a Beast too. I’ve been a very good little writer so far! Squeezed a few glasses of sangria in whilst getting ready to go out (got to wear my new pineapple playsuit, woohoo!) Had a bit of faff picking a restaurant but eventually decided on a traditional Greek place. Mel was hesitant and the haggling scored us a round of free cocktails. Bargain! Didn’t even see what the place was called – I was so hungry I practically ran to our table.

I had two mai tais which were ridiculously strong, but the first came with a proper pineapple ring. Had the saganaki (i.e. fried cheese) for starters again and it was even nicer than the first time around. Followed that with a minced meat, cheese and garlic pizza. I’m really not a pizza fan, but this was lush. We went to the Irish House afterwards and Kel promptly fell up a step and flat on the floor. She had to sit with ice on her knee for an hour. Her cocktail then set on fire when the sparkler caught the glittery, twizzly thing and she had to blow it out. I had a weird cherry mojito in there and an even weirder free shot. Overall, an odd experience in there.

Mel had gotten really excited in one of the tourist shops over all the owl and cat stuff, which the shopkeepers thought was very amusing. They gave us some sweets and asked if we were going to Malia at all, then told us to be careful and stay together. Bless. I felt like I was back at my nan’s (even at the ages of twenty-four and twenty-three me and Kel still always get the custom “stay together and mind the roads”.) After our drinks and half-watching the South Korea v. Argentina match we helped Kel to slowly hobble back to the apartments. Let’s hope there’s no further injuries tomorrow! I could say for the rest of the holiday, but we’ll stick to one day at a time.

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