20/6/14 – The changeover

Bit of a later wake-up this morning. Took out towels down to leave by the pool, then headed back down to Golden Beach for some lunch. We remembered another route down there so we were able to avoid butterfly alley, woohoo! (My worst fear, in case you didn’t know me). I was incredibly disappointed to find that they changed their ‘Greek snack’ item on the menu. It was still nice after I picked all the peppers and onions out, but it just wasn’t the same without the curry sauce. I felt I couldn’t really ask them to make me one like how they used to do it ten years ago, especially seeing as we were served again by the same lovely waiters – the woman with awesome eighties style hair and the Greek version of Zachary Levi (that smile, fff).

When we got back to the apartments we were told by the barmaid Effy that we could move into a now-free apartment upstairs. Yay! So we quickly and messily packed up and made the changeover. Biggest pro for the new room is of course the balcony. Biggest con is that the shower fitting is really loose and literally dive bombs at your head when you turn the water off. I may have concussion by the end of the holiday.

Spent the day in and around the pool. More writing, more reading, more sunbathing. Kel and Mel are both already very jealous of my tan, as I spent a lot of time in the garden pre-holiday to build it up. I clearly got a little cocky about it though as I was trying too hard to tan my belly today (one of the only whiter patches I have left) and ended up burning it instead. Oops. At least I match Mel now though. She burnt her bum, of all places, very badly on the beach yesterday. We’re sympathetic of course, but it’s still hilarious.

Did a shop run to grab some necessary Red Bull and requests from the girls before retiring to the apartment to slowly get ready. We then had a cocktail at our own bar before going anywhere so we could bum off the wifi and Skype the oldies for a bit. Apparently Star’s gotten very stubborn since we’ve been away and Dad had to go paddling to get her because she wouldn’t get out of the river. Too funny! Plus my pineapple juice based Sexy Lady cocktail was gorgeous!

We went to Korali’s for tea. I had fried cheese in breadcrumbs to start, which was delicious but basically a heart attack on a plate, then followed by the giouvetsi I’ve been looking forward to all these years. Unlike the Greek snack, it didn’t disappoint. After our free shooters and watermelon plate we went to check out Edam bar and sat alongside the beach. The waves were pretty crazy since it was still very windy (a parasol had come flying from the beach across the road and crashing through a table in Golden Beach at lunch!) We had a round of cocktails – I had a yummy Kamikaze – and me and Kel played a game of pool. I potted my first three balls straight off and that was all the luck I got, boo.

Moved onto Nemo afterwards, which was very fancy. They even played a bit of Green Day in there, so I definitely approve. Cue more cocktails – best Cosmopolitan I’ve ever had – then we got to play free, but the most difficult crazy golf ever. We’ve also learnt that I’m very violent at it. I accidentally attacked Mel’s foot, ripped all the astroturf up and nearly took out a group of Germans when I bounced the ball across several courses. I still came second though, so maybe it’s not time to hang up the club just yet. Mel beat me by only one point!

Decided to call it an early night so we can have a more wild one tomorrow (thinking pre-drinks and everything!) I also learnt upon getting back just how bad my sunburn is. It reaches right down past the tattoo on my stomach. i.e. pretty damn low. So that’s me lathering in aftersun and sleeping on my back tonight then!

Cocktail selfie!

Cocktail selfie!

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