19/6/14 – So long, England!

Much nicer wake-up than yesterday. i.e. no headache. Got ready and headed down to the beach. Picked some sunbeds in front of the Irish House and went inside for some late breakfast. Cheese and bacon toastie with homemade chips, yum! We stayed on the beach for the rest of the day. Kel and Mel spent a lot of time in the sea whilst I did some writing, reading and dozing in the shade. I’m not a huge beach person – I don’t go in the sea and I really hate sand because it just gets everywhere… But compromise, yo! One consolation was that we had door-to-sunbed service from the Irish House, so I got to sit and have a Kopparberg on the beach! Bliss!

Came back to the apartments, had a quick dip in the pool and did a teeny bit of sunbathing before showering. Discovered a few bites on my leg in the process, boo! Damn mozzies. Had another cheeky Kopparberg in the apartment whilst letting my hair dry. We went to Maria’s Golden Beach for tea. Serious nostalgia! Especially seeing as Freddy’s still there and he STILL says “lovely jubbly” and “bloody Nora”. Me and Kel shared a caraffe of Sangria and we got fresh warm baguettes with garlic butter. So good. I then had a famous mixed grill, which was even better than I remembered. Mom will be so jealous! We got free shots afterwards and even free ice cream to share. Win!

We moved to Café Bar Rest afterwards to watch the England game. What an absolute pile of poo. Rooney redeemed himself slightly with his goal, after we’d slagged him off all match. Ultimately though, we played crap. Uruguay deserved to win (Suarez didn’t bite any of our players so we can’t even blame that). But at least we had a few good cocktails and made friends with the waitress. Turns out she lives right by our apartments. She told us there’s a bakery on the other side, which we will definitely be going to find. We went to see Panos afterwards for a few more drinks (and some horrible looking/smelling coffee and cream shots, which I refused point blank). Then it was back to the apartment and bed. After some star gazing and random dog petting on the way back. England’s view of the stars is nothing compared to Greece’s!

Apparently these WERE the drinks we actually asked for this time. Swear I could still taste tequila in mine.

Apparently these WERE the drinks we actually asked for this time. Swear I could still taste tequila in mine.


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