18/6/14 – Quiet nights are non-existant on holiday

Woke up with quite possibly the worst migraine I’ve ever had. On my first day of holiday. What shitty luck. I took my meds straightaway but they seemed to take a lot longer to kick in than usual. I was feeling really sorry for myself and had a little blub. Bless Kel, she sat with me for a while until I made her go and carry on getting ready. Her and Mel were going to put some towels by the pool, get the safe sorted and go down to see the beach. I told them to save me a sunbed and come back to get me in an hour, in the hopes that I’d be feeling better.

Thankfully I did. I forced myself to eat a pack of crisps whilst they were gone. I’ve never enjoyed crisps less (which speaks volumes about how ill I was feeling) but it did the job. I got ready in time for them to come back and we all went down to the bar. Since I still wasn’t feeling great I just had cheesy fries with bits of bacon. Gorgeous! I also had a good gander at the cocktail menu for when I’m feeling better. There’s a lot with pineapple juice in – I feel very good about this! Spend the day by the pool and even got some of Affinity written!

When getting ready in the apartment I tend to lounge around in my underwear for a while after I’ve showered because I get too hot. We all had a laugh over my football pants that said “come on” on the front with “England” on the back (especially when Kel looked in to see me bent over the suitcase with ENGLAND in the air). It was then really nostalgic walking down the main strip in search of food. Mel got us collared into a restaurant where the guys were a bit too touchy-feely for our liking, but they did give us three free shooters and a shot of raki each, so c’est la vie!

Despite the fact that we’d all originally said tonight was going to be a quiet one we ended up having a lot to drink. We were offered a lot of free drinks and were hardly going to say no – clearly the way to our hearts! We went to Rhythm and had two free shots each. The bartender Panos didn’t approve of our orders and concocted different ones for us instead. Mine had tequila in it, bleugh. But I still drank it because you always want to stay on the bartender’s good side. We then went next door to an Irish bar and had another free shot, followed by more cocktails.

After that we went to Relax, which played an awesome mix of 60’s songs (and a couple in there had the cutest, fluffiest little dog!) Mel ordered a margarita pizza because she had the munchies and also got given a margarita drink on the house. I had a Zombie and then we all had shots (and selfies) with the bartenders. Only our first day and we’re already making friends! With the people who provide us with alcohol of course.

We then had to trek back through the alleyway, which was now pitch black by this point. Mel had to keep taking photos ahead of us in order to use the flash on her camera. It was quite terrifying really – I kept expecting another person to suddenly be illuminated in the dark ahead of us. Thankfully we got back to the apartments still safe and sound. Had some fun with the squeezable Robinson’s squash before bed. Beach day tomorrow! We will also indefinitely be investing in a torch.

Free drinks? Why yes, don't mind if I do!

Free drinks? Why yes, don’t mind if I do!


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