17/6/14 – Backstreet’s back, alright!

So here I am, doing this whole blogging thing again. I learnt that documenting my last travels was actually good for retaining memories of all the smaller things, so I figured I’d try again. My lazy holidaying life in Crete won’t be anywhere near as exciting as travelling through America, but still more so than my everyday one. So here we are in a new notebook! Seeing as I obliterated my Durarara!! one with my American tales. I feel the cute sleepy puppies on the front of this one are much more symbolic of the laziness of this holiday.

The majority of our travelling was actually rather splendid. Dad dropped us off at the airport and we made a friend on the way whilst stuck in traffic – a guy in a truck in the other lane who was doing some very enthusiastic dancing and getting us to join in. Once we got into duty free we went to visit Amy at Pret á Manger. She gave me a lovely free hot chocolate with had both hazelnut AND caramel in it, mmmm.

From there me and Mel wanted grub so we went to Burger King too. Our flight on the board then changed from boarding to final call whilst I still had half a giant burger, half my hot chocolate and nearly all of my Fanta left. I had to shove the burger in my bag, down the hot chocolate (not something I’d ever recommend downing) and drink as much of my Fanta as I could on the way to the gate. Luckily we were at the one furthest away (who’d have thought I’d ever say luckily for something that involves more walking?)

The flight was a breeze compared to all the ones we did last year – only three hours and forty-five minutes! As we were taking off there was a weird groaning noise, to which Kel was like, “I think we just killed a whale!” Sky whales; who knew? I got excited when the in-flight movie started with the Disney castle but it turned out to be that Mary Poppins one, so I watched This Is The End on my iPod instead. Best film ever. I ate my leftover burger cold, which was odd to say the least, then listened to an episode of That Anime Show. Terri and Tatum never fail me on long journeys. And Apphia had a lot of love for Batman, which made me have even more love for her.

We got our cases pretty smoothly but then had some trouble finding the right coach for our transfer when the rep tried sending us to the wrong one twice. Thankfully the coach driver of the wrong one helped direct us to the right one. The transfer was only about half an hour as we were the second drop-off, woohoo. We got to Nikos Apartments and were taken straight to our room, which seemed to be the reject one in the corner. The room itself was nice enough but we didn’t have a balcony, which was disappointing. Mel went to ask Van (who was very nice to us when we last stayed ten years ago) if there were any other rooms we could move to. There weren’t, but he promised to check again for us on changeover day.

We decided not to unpack properly until Friday in case we did get lucky and to just wing it for now. Though right now we’re finally here and that’s all that matters. Bring it on, Stalis!


Kel was a bit mindblown by the lime green walls…


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