3/11/13 – It’s raining men, hallelujah!

Skyped the oldies in between packing and half watched some of X-Men 3 (pretty pants film but the only time in the trilogy you get to see James Marsden’s pretty eyes!) Apparently Mom had a blub over our postcard – that really wasn’t the intention! We got out on the road and listened to some of That Anime Show. Got excited over them talking about The Brave Little Toaster, All Dogs Go To Heaven and Oliver and Company. Not quite sure how they watched the same films when they were kids that we did! The drive took about two and half hours with an Arby’s stop in between for grub.

We checked into our motel in Paso Robles and chilled for the afternoon. Did some writing, watched some Psych. We went to a Chinese buffet that was barely down the road, called Dragon Palace Inn. God, I’ve missed proper Chinese food! They may not have had any curries but I got to make the most of proper rice and noodles, teriyaki, Kung Pao chicken, Mongolian pork, pepper steak, satay, dumplings and egg rolls. I also got what I feel is the most relevant fortune cookie fortune I’ve ever got – “You create your own stage. The audience is waiting.”

I felt like a right fatty after all that, so we spent the rest of the night lying in bed and watching The Hangover and Due Date. Eh, I won’t say no to Robert Downey Jr., and I’ll definitely say a big fat hell yes to the lovely Bradley Cooper (whether he comes with Haagen Dasz or not!) Also mine and Kel’s Michael Bolton love affair still continues.

One to amuse us on the road!


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