2/11/13 – Fighting crime like a boss, lol!

Had a pretty lazy wake-up. Lay in bed eating Funyuns whilst watching Justice League and Teen Titans Go. We then went over the road to do the dreaded laundry. It actually wasn’t too bad. I got some writing done whilst waiting. Not to mention I totally wanted to climb in one of the laundry carts and say ‘If you want this cart then you’re gonna have to take me with it!’ Kel wouldn’t let me though. Boo!

After we finished we went for a wander through Ventura for some lunch. I’m still amazed at how ridiculously sunny it is in November – I was even wearing a boob tube top and my tiniest skirt (whilst photos on Facebook show that everyone back home are wearing scarves and woolly hats!) I had some lovely berry cider with lunch too. Perfect for this weather! We had more of a wander afterwards but couldn’t seem to find our way down to the beach. Instead we sat and had some cocktails in one of the bars. Everyone in there was really fun and nice – both the staff and the other customers! Everyone still seems to find what we’re doing really fascinating… Do Americans not travel much or something?

We then got giant ice creams on the way back to the motel. Watched a mix of American Pie 2, Grown-Ups, Men In Black and Scary Movie 2 (as well as some crazy-ass cartoon about what we think were a cat and a goldfish). Mostly just quite a big TV day, shockingly, though I did paint my nails a nice sparkly orange.

If you want this cart then you’re gonna have to take me with it!


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