1/11/13 – Under Santa Barbara Skies!

Got up and did what any good American does on November 1st – ate my little bag of Halloween candy! We packed up and drove down to Carroll Avenue to see the house used as the Halliwell Manor from Charmed. It was totally surreal seeing it up close – they even still had the same stained glass windows in the door! Of course we had to have a photo shoot (some nice man who lived next door, who’s obviously used to all the tourists, was kind enough to take some for us!)

Please excuse the lollipop – it was the last of the Halloween candy! I am human and I need to be looooved

From there we drove to our motel in Ventura. We Skyped Sid for a little while and researched parking for the day, then carried on into Santa Barbara itself – the home of my ultimate favourite TV show! Safe to say I was a ‘little’ excited… The first thing I obviously wanted to see was the County Courthouse, which they used as the police station for the establishing shots (and one of the only two places for the show that’s actually filmed in Santa Barbara – the rest being in Canada). Cue more photos.

We grabbed some lunch from the S.B. Brewing Company. I had chilli soup and loaded potato skins. And of course I had to have pineapple juice whilst in Santa Barbara! After we had a wander down the pier, where they also took some establishing shots for Psych (most notably in the earlier opening sequences). On our way back we were stopped by some lad telling me that ‘Halloween was over’. So I did the most British thing possible by turning round and going ‘How rude!’ He was suitably abashed though once he realised I was just wearing normal clothes – or at least normal for me (apparently my Gee top strikes fear). We then caught the little bus back through town and when I gave my seat to a guy struggling with all his baggage everyone acted like if was the deed of the century, it was so bizarre. The guy said I was ‘a lady, a scholar and a judge of fine whiskey’. Chuffed!

We chilled in the room then for the evening, after making an alcohol run across the road. I polished off the rest of Incubus Dreams and we watched bits of What Happens In Vegas and White Chicks. I also tried out our very odd shower, which looks like it’s in a cave. That was a definitely a new one.

So I tell these lies under Santa Barbara skiiiiiies!


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