29/10/13 – Over the hills and far away

Woke up fairly early to pack and try and miss the traffic on the way to Newport Beach. Skyped Mom first, since we had some credit card faff. We were a little early down to the dock, so we had an ice cream break first before getting on the boat. We spotted a sealion in the dock itself and then a bunch more out sunbathing on a buoy. Too cute! After the sealions we soon found a minke whale, which are apparently quite rare to get a good look at. They’re the smallest local whale, growing up to twenty-five feet. Wait, small? Yeah right. We saw a huge group of dolphins too, even more than on our last trip! Sadly no more whales though, other than the initial ‘baby’ one. Wouldn’t really recommend this trip to people.

Fighting to get the best sun! Some of them don’t look too happy about it…

We grabbed a quick lunch after the trip, before getting back out on the road, as we still had another hour before we got to our hotel. Our front desk guy Michael was lovely and funny and was talking to us about Friends as he booked us in for one of the Movie Star Homes and Warner Bros. Studios tours. He also suggested we stage a ruse against people and pretend that one of us is psychic. Now I wonder why I loved that idea? Also we can see the Hollywood sign from our room. Oh yeah.

Talk about a badass view!

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