28/10/13 – Seals in San Diego

Very slow packing session, since we didn’t have to check out till noon. Mom then decided she wanted to Skype just as we were leaving, so we sat in the car in the car park for another hour and bummed off the wi-fi. It totally worked too! Apparently poor Star has to have some of her teeth taken out! After the extended catch-up we went down to La Jolla Cove to see the seals. There were loads of them – they were so cute! I quickly picked out a little white one as my favourite and Kel got lots of videos.

My favey ickle seal! So cute it makes me talk all dopey…

We then had lunch at Bubba’s Smokehouse BBQ, which could have easily rivalled – if not bettered – the smokehouses in Texas. I had the ‘Bubba’ sandwich, consisting of pulled pork, brisket and smoked hot-link sausage. Oh my god, it was so good but that is just too much food, Gaston! We had another wander along the water front afterwards. This side of San Diego is just so pretty – it’s how I imagine Psych’s Santa Barbara to be (not the real one obviously, since they’re sneaky and film in White Rock).

From there we went to our next hotel and then chilled out in the room. I did some writing, reading and watched some Psych. After showering we then watched bits and bobs of Nightmare Before Christmas, The A-Team and The Hobbit (which looked terrible – fantastic film, my arse). But best of all today we managed to book tickets to a Whose Line show just out of San Francisco! And Jeff’s one of the listed names! Hells fucking yeah!

Kel suggested I had a picture taken with Klaus by the sea. Like he’s my exotic boyfriend or something.


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