26/10/13 – Bye bye Texas

Up early for re-packing and getting ready. Managed to fit some waffle time in too, of course. We found our way back to Austin airport and bid farewell to Cody – he’d been good to us, even if he was a glutton for petrol. We had a good wait at the airport, so I listened to some more of That Anime Show and giggled over Tatum and Massey talking and singing Disney. Also had a smoked brisket sandwich with honey mustard spicy sauce from the famous Salt Lick – can totally see why; it was gorgeous! I got messy though. Too much sauce, Gaston. The first flight totally didn’t feel worth all the waiting around. We were barely in the air for an hour!

We weren’t at the Dallas airport for long. Which I was relieved by because it was apparently a ‘Pepsi only’ airport, meaning I couldn’t get any Red Bull anywhere! Of course I had a Matt style little huffy and had to make do with Rockstar instead, whilst watching some Psych. The flight was still only a few hours and I managed to get a good chunk of writing done, woohoo!

For the most part though the day was just about travelling. We got to our hotel, showered, then sat in bed watching Friends and eating popcorn. We’d gained two hours in the time zone crossover and at the same time the clocks went back at home. Just when we’d been able to figure it all out…

Super short flight and lots of leg room! I’m feeling spoilt…

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