25/10/13 – Look sire, the herd is on the move

Back to black again (dreams are definitely in full force too). We slowly got ready and had a pretty crappy breakfast in between – greedy gits had already polished off everything else. We then packed up and headed into the Stockyards of Fort Worth to see them herd the cattle through the town. There were about seventeen cows that they directed along the streets and they were huge! We had our lunch in the Star Café (chilli bowl with saltines and a very loaded baked potato, yum!) then got back on the road again.

The drive back towards Austin should have been about three and a half hours, but crazy traffic added another hour onto that. Listened to some more That Anime Show though, which kept us entertained – particularly when they started talking about Medieval Times! Apparently Tatum got thrown a rose, and he and Stephen really got into booing the opposing green knight (well doesn’t that sound familiar?) Again, we couldn’t be bothered with going back out, so we ordered in some Chinese takeout. I’d say we were being brave (since the last American Chinese we had was weeeird) but it was either that or pizza. And I am so fed up of pizza. The wonton soup was weird and horrible, but the chicken wings were great and the general Tso’s chicken was surprisingly good too.

Watched some of Monsters Inc. on TV after Skyping Sid (we’ve compiled a pretty hefty list of films we need to watch when we’re back home). Mostly milled in the room for the rest of the night. Started pulling some stuff out of my case to split with Kel’s, but quickly got bored and decided to do it in the morning instead.

Here come the moo-moos!

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