24/10/13 – You should be watching

Little later get-up today. Skyped Mom and Auntie Ann, then made a petrol stop on our way down to Lake Grapevine. Of course the first thing we had to do after parking up was go on the swings. American swings are clearly not built for adults though – they bend inwards to mould to your shape, proving that my ass is indeed too big for kids’ swings. Sad times. The lake itself was gorgeous. It was huge and almost completely still. We found our way down onto one of the little docking stations. We were literally the only people there – it was so peaceful. Of course I had no qualms about taking the chance to do some sunbathing. First time I’ve ever taken my top off in public! I was wearing my best bra though, so it was all good.

Playgrounds ALWAYS make my Peter Pan syndrome kick in

After an hour or so we headed off for a quick shop to get some drinks (fully clothed again, obviously) and had a quick crazy run back and forth from the lake because I thought I’d left my purse there when I then couldn’t find it (turned out it had just rolled under the seat in the car – what an ass). But now we had something we just HAD to see – the FUNimation Studios. One of the few things I’d actually done the research for myself! We drove through their car park so that Kel could get a picture of the building. There were a few people stood outside, but no one we recognised. Then as we drove back the other way, guess who walked out? Only Jerry Jewell! Talk about a fantastic surprise! It did cause me to have a sudden moment of ‘oh crap, I’ve suddenly forgotten how to drive’ though. I was just too excited clearly.

You should be watching!

We came back to the room after for early showers before our show. I watched the America episode of Top Gear on my iPod, which was great because I understood so much more of what they were talking about (like turning right on red lights). It was clearly forever ago that I last watched it, because I hadn’t even placed the Superman theme back then. We then headed over to Medieval Times for our show. I casually borrowed a pen, which explains this sudden colour change. **[At this point the writing in my notebook went from the usual black to blue]. We were put into the ‘blue kingdom’, making us part of Casa Valiante.

The theme went down to everything, including our food. We had metal tupperware and no cutlery. First was tomato bisque with garlic bread, then spit roast chicken, ribs and herb-y potato, then cinnamon-y apple turnovers (wow!) The show itself consisted of horse displays, jousting, baton passes and staged sword fights. Our blue knight was seriously hot – he had great cheekbones! He won his first fight but was then taken out by the yellow knight, who we booed for the rest of the night (we even cheered for the bad guy when he had to fight him!) We got to meet our cute knight afterwards and have pictures with him. I can still weirdly smell his nice Lynx on my top even now. What is it with me and Lynx? And speaking of smells, for some reason Cody smelt like a bad mix of eggs, feet and beer on the drive back. Essence of Gaston, anyone?

We love you, blue knight!


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