23/10/13 – Deep in the heart of Texas (i.e. with food)

So the dream streak is back on. And I clocked that that’s why I’ve been waking up with Far Longer Than Forever in my head every morning. My night brain just really loves to rub it in. We Skyped the oldies, then headed to the Dallas Arboretum. It was what you’d expect from an arboretum, but on a much grander scale – like everything in America. To me though it was still just walking around and looking at plants and the occasional water feature. Not really my scene, but they did have a cute pumpkin patch to make it all better. They even had Cinderella’s carriage! Cue the photo-taking opportunities. It was on Gaston Avenue too. Brilliant!

Did a quick Walmart stop after and made our way to our next hotel in Arlington. Wasn’t even an hour away – lovely! Spent a huge chunk of the day in our room because Kel wanted to get a good portion of planning done for the later leg of our journey. Whilst she did that I watched some Psych and planned out the backbone for a new story (and fought a losing battle with titling it). We went to Coker’s Barbeque for tea – our first Texan BBQ! I had a pulled pork and brisket platter, which was awesome but just too much. Goddamn Texas, why are your portions even bigger than general American ones? That is too much food, Gaston!

Kel insisted on doing more planning again after, so I did my own thing for a while. Then after I got out of the shower she told me ‘not to get too excited’ but that there was a chance we’d be able to see a live Whose Line show. How could I not get excited about that?!

In this town we call home everyone hail to the pumpkin song!

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