22/10/13 – Everybody do the dinosaur

Skyped Mom this morning before heading to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. They had the best dinosaur exhibit I’ve ever seen – complete with whole skeletons of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, Deinonychus, Triceratops, Diplodocus, Plesiosaur and a lot of ice age creatures, among others. They have the largest complete Megaladon jaw ever found, the best Tyrannosaurus hands and feet, and some of the best Triceratops feet too. They also had an actual sample of preserved Triceratops skin, proving they were actually bristly, rather than scaly like everyone originally thought! They had a ‘pet a dinosaur’ exhibit too with a preserved impression of Edmontosaurus skin, which you were actually allowed to touch. That was pretty damn awesome (can you tell I’m a huge dino geek?)

They had a cool Egyptian exhibit as well (and a gemstone display that we got lost in since it was all in the dark. Good logic there, Houston). There were three partially unwrapped mummies in there. I think mummies are fascinating, but they still creep me the hell out at the same time – especially seeing perfectly preserved, millenia-old human faces.

We grabbed some Maccy’s for lunch, which we then ate in the car, ready to get on the road again. Had a petrol stop and then a three-hour drive. Some idiot truck driver got really petty about being overtaken, so what did I do? That’s right, I kept on overtaking him. It was really quite amusing! (Just keep trollin’, just keep trollin’). We stopped off at another Maccy’s to steal their wi-fi since we didn’t actually have a room for tonight. Kel took care of that whilst I took care of a praline and cream McFlurry.

It didn’t take long to get to our hotel from there, but once again we couldn’t be bothered to go back out so we ordered in more pizza and sat and watched TV. Patton Oswalt popped up in some other show we’d been watching. Great, now he’s haunting me too! Then we watched a good chunk of Criss Angel. Now I love watching magicians do impossible tricks, but this just horrified me more than anything. He freaked everyone the fuck out, but in a bad way (not like Dynamo). He split two people in half, like really split them in half. He was even picking the pieces up, it was horrible – everyone literally screamed their heads off and then legged it. Now apparently on the next episode he wants to raise someone from the dead. Talk about messed up. Safe to say we won’t be watching that or it’ll be hello nightmares.

That’s the old palaeontology dream kicking in right there…

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