20/10/13 – The changeover

Was that my first night without any annoying dream encounters? Or did I just not remember because Elvis and Russell Brand happened to be in it? Anyway, we packed up again to move on, but got a little waylaid watching some crazy chibi-like Teen Titans show. It was hilarious! Before heading out to our next destination we went to Boern to visit the ‘cave without a name’. It was never named because it was deemed too beautiful to go by one name. And it really was. All of the different formations were seriously mind-blowing, and the cave was unbelievably dark when our guide Damon shut the lights out. It was incredibly quiet too, though it was peaceful rather than eerie. I could have happily had a kip in there! We saw some bats and some cave frogs in there (oh, and on the drive down I nearly took out a suicidal deer!)

Apparently people have their weddings here. I totally get it.

We were then heading out to Corpus Christi after when disaster struck – my first ever flat tyre. Either American roads are seriously hardcore or their tyres just aren’t. Thankfully though the solution turned out to be really simple. We rang our assistance line and they had someone out to us and got the tyre changed within half an hour. Would never have happened that fast in England! We then had to go back to the airport in San Antonio to get the whole car swapped, since the tiny tyre they fitted was only a temporary replacement. So we had to bid farewell to crippled Elvis and his automail, and say hello to Cody – our new Hyundai Accent. It did mean that we went from a quarter of a tank to a full new one though. Win!

The moment where Elvis got crippled. Sorry for driving too hard, Elvis!

The drive to Corpus Christi was long, roughly three hours. I was definitely relieved by the time it was over, not to mention starving! We ordered in some fried chicken whilst watching John Tucker Must Die. I forgot how hot the brother is. After that we watched some of Holes and aww’ed over lickle Dulé Hill! Semi-early night, ready for the next move.

And introducing Cody!

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