19/10/13 – Howl-o-Scream

Had quite a long get ready, shower and Skype Dad before we headed out to Seaworld around midday. The first show we saw was one new to us, called Pets Ahoy. It included a variety of trained dogs, cats, ducks, rats, birds and even pigs. It was so adorable! We went for some lunch afterwards and then hit Shamu’s One Ocean show. We saw it last year but it was lovely again and we still both dug the soundtrack. We checked out the dolphin cove too and the ray and shark aquariums. Our next show was Azul, which was very similar to a dolphin show we saw last year, except this one had belugas as well! Never seen them up close before!

We grabbed some ice cream and made sure we caught the Clyde and Seymour show, since we’d missed out on it last year and couldn’t remember much from the time in 2000. Glad we did because it was hilarious! It started off with Bottoms the ‘butt-ler’, who was ace. The show itself then lasted a good while and starred two sealions and a trained otter (one of the trainers was totally cute too). We had some funny camp guys sat in front of us as well, who were playing with a bubble gun. They were probably in their thirties. I just love America over and over again.

We had a lot of time before our next Shamu show and I was dying to try out Prey. It was new and popular, so we had to queue for quite a while and listen to the drama of some teenybopper nause behind us. But when we finally got into the ‘experience’ it was epic! You basically walk through a smoky wood and creepy redneck-type huts and trailers, whilst scare models jump out at you (no idea what the real term is for them but hey, that’s what I use in my story and I like it). Kel must have had some kind of beacon saying that she hated horror stuff, because all of them bypassed me and went straight for her. None of it scared me in the slightest, but I still loved it. I was literally laughing the whole time round. I couldn’t get enough! It was the same story when we were then walking around the Scare Zone a little later – Kel kept screaming and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Finally we had Shamu’s Rockin’ Creep Show. Another orca show, following more of a horror theme. Beforehand they publicly acknowledged the military men in the audience, as Seaworld always do (and apparently San Antonio is a military city too, which explained all the uniforms we’d seen around today and yesterday). They recognised a particular colonel as well as his family, who were actually there at the time. So they then showed him walking in and seeing them for the first time since getting back from duty, right there and then on the big screen. God, it was emotional. Kel had a good blart and even I filled up.

It was a great day and to totally top it off we found Sahara on TV when we got back. The exact film I’ve been dying to watch again since we first flew out and highly regretted not putting on my iPod in preparation. Thank you, Mr. Giordino, that is me most definitely settled for the night!

One song, one song for a brand new day

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