16/10/13 – From Toronto to Texas

The ridiculously early start was nowhere near as bad as I’d expected. Apparently I’ve gotten used to functioning on six hours sleep. Got ready and then had to faff with the cases some more since one was too heavy. Moving more stuff over to the other case didn’t entirely solve our problems though, so we had to compromise and ditch the last of our toiletries. Bye bye, nice shampoo. I also learnt that my green spotty dress had shrunk in the wash the other day. Sob.

We had a couple of hours in Toronto after our bus journey, but the weather was pants so we couldn’t really do much. We found another Tim Horton’s, so we sat in there for a while and had more of those nice mini panini things. I finally finished reading Iceberg – savouring it was clearly a good idea, because I’ve now already read a good chunk of Incubus Dreams too. We got to the Toronto Pearson airport and it was the nicest airport ever! Everyone was really friendly and good-humoured. The restaurant we had lunch in had iPads as menus to order food, and you could then just play on the internet whilst you were waiting! Brilliant idea! I got a pineapple cocktail too. Can you say delicious flavour?

The flight to Atlanta was pretty short and sweet, but we then had another few hours there before our connection to Austin. I grabbed some Red Bull to help me out. On the flight I then ended up sitting next to a guy called José. He was very chatty and had quite a dry sense of humour. He was telling me about his firearms and the lack of laws for them. He demonstrated a multiple of ways to disarm someone who was threatening you with a gun and even suggested taking us shooting if we hung around in Austin! Only in Texas. Though everyone seems incredibly friendly so far – we’ve had a lot of nice randomers giving us tips on what to do. Apparently the whole government crap should be resolved by tomorrow too, woohoo!

We had to wait a bugger of a time for our shuttle back to the hotel (at least it was free). When we got there we found we had meager toiletries to ration with and absolutely no takeout menus to use. Double boo! Think I’ll be getting up early to take advantage of the free breakfast in the morning!

Our tiny plane! Be prepared to be good friends with your seat buddies…


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