15/10/13 – Maids of the mist

Got up early so that we could make the most out of our day around the Falls. When we got down there the one section hadn’t opened yet, so we had to walk right down to the other end. Oh my life… I’d been banking on getting our ponchos with our tickets so we could hopefully remain mostly dry for the day. But I didn’t bank on getting drenched before we even got there! We got completely soaked by the mist from the Falls on the walk over.

Thankfully using the hand-dryer in the loos on my hair worked a treat. First up we had our journey behind the Falls. It consisted of two different tunnels behind the Falls and an observation deck about halfway down one of the waterfalls. It was really incredible seeing it so up close, but of course we got soaked again so I had to make another visit to the hand-dryers. By this point we were starving so we quickly grabbed some bacon, egg and cheese mini paninis from Tim Horton’s. They were surprisingly good!

The view atop the Falls! I hid in my poncho the best I could, but still to no avail.

Next on the agenda was Niagara’s Fury. We watched a short animated film that explained the basics of how the Falls were created. We then went into another room after, where we were told we were going to get wet. Ponchos back on! We basically watched clips of the Falls on some big screens, had our stage rock about a bit and had water chucked at us. Fun times. We then had the actual Maid of the Mist tour, so we piled onto the boat. They were giving out new blue ponchos there, but me and Kel were still wearing our yellow ones from the journey behind the Falls. So we were literally the only two people in yellow amidst a sea of blue ponchos. Spot the foreigners, anyone?

The Maid of the Mist was really incredible, despite how wet we got! We got an amazing view (and hands-on experience) from the foot of the Falls. Was a little ominous driving head-on into nothing but mist though! I had another drying off session after that and then we went for our white water walk along the Niagara River. The speed and power of it was insane – it’s easy to see how dangerous it is and why they rarely ever let people raft it. We also checked out the whirlpool basin before leaving.

Ah yes, spot the ‘nanas!

We headed back quite early because we wanted to shower and be back out to eat fairly early too, as we wanted to then get everything packed up afterwards in preparation for the following day. So we chilled in the room amidst getting ready and then headed back out for an early tea at a place called Kelsey’s. First time we’ve done a whole three courses! (Didn’t eat everything though of course). We shared some loaded potato skins to start and a pitcher of some amazing sangria. I even ate most of the spring onion, go me! Then I had a steak sandwich with sauteed onions, cheese, garlic mayo and honey mustard. When dipped in the gravy, the salt and pepper I’d put on my fries made it taste like peppercorn sauce, mmmm. I’m clearly a master at this. I forced a pudding on myself after all that just because the maple apple pie sounded so good. And it really was, but it nearly killed me off.

Also eating that much food is not good when you then have to battle with suitcases. We’d gotten far too used to not having to worry about the weight of the cases, splitting clothes across both of them, carrying liquids and sharp objects in our hand luggage, etc. Kinda sucked having to go back to all the rules and regulations. We managed to get almost everything packed though, besides what we’d need in the morning. Earliest night in bed yet in preparation for our get-up – only twenty past nine! I must be getting old.


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