14/10/13 – Oot and aboot (sorry, couldn’t resist)

So my timekeeping got a little skewed over these two days, but after our final one-hour coach (and rather exciting trip through Canadian customs) we were finally in Ontario! We caught the bus down to our hotel and concluded immediately that Canadians are even friendlier than Americans! We were told that we couldn’t check in for a while since check-in time wasn’t actually till four, but we were able to pay an early check-in fee to hopefully get our room around noon. We decided to make the most of the facilities and put a wash on since we didn’t have much else to do.

After we’d put the clothes in the dryer we went across to Denny’s (literally next door) for some breakfast. They stuffed my omelette full of mushrooms, even though mushrooms weren’t even mentioned in the menu. Was not impressed. Finally got to check into our room afterwards, so we retrieved our laundry and then went off in search of a cash machine, as we were lacking in Canadian dollars. I managed to grab some Red Bull on the trip too – thank god! It was definitely needed after the crazy overnight journeying. We also grabbed some ice cream on our way back. We have a Baskin Robbin’s and a KFC right in our lobby. Best hotel ever!

We spent the rest of the afternoon in our room, having what we thought was a well-deserved chill out. Kel found an amazing half-hour musical/play of Beauty and the Beast on YouTube. We loved it – it really was fantastic! Gaston was especially brilliant! (though maybe I’m a little biased). I then had a mishap a bit later on when I was trying to dry my hair. The hairdryer in the room didn’t start up straightaway – it buzzed a bit and the spiral inside started glowing, so I figured maybe it needed time to warm up. That theory quickly went out the window though when it then got brighter and brighter and started smoking. Needless to say I hastily turned it off and then we rang the front desk for a new one.

We headed out quite early on, just as soon as it was getting dark. They illuminate some of Niagara Falls on the night, so we wanted to get a good look. It really wasn’t far from our hotel at all, but we actually discovered a whole tourist area the next block over. It was totally glitz and full of tacky horror-themed attractions. And if I’m completely honest… I loved it! You’ve gotta love bad horror stuff. There was a mini movie waxwork museum too. The pictures on the sign genuinely looked AWFUL, but there was a totally awesome Joker sat up front in his glass prison! (Though he was a little on the skinny side – they haven’t been feeding him enough in Arkham, clearly!)

What do you mean; why so serious? When am I EVER serious?

We eventually got down where we could see the falls. They really did look incredibly at night. The mist rising up from them was super intense. We also saw a green lit-up building that looked like the one from Lego Batman! Awesome! We had tea at a family restaurant afterwards. I had pulled pork, baked beans and mash in a ‘bread bowl’ (with the last of Kel’s garlicky vinegarette). Totally crazy combination but man, did it work! It was gorgeous! After that we came back and just chilled again, watching some old Buzzcocks episodes. Were definitely in need of an early night!

Niagara Falls on a night – what a view!



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