13/10/13 – The longest day of nothing

Showered as soon as I got up and then had more pizza whilst we Skyped Sid. That pizza was a total bargain – it lasted us four meals! I re-packed my suitcase because it was really starting to become a hassle. We then got to Skype with Mom and Nan and also Uncle Pete for a bit! Nan was really fascinated with Skype, bless her. And she still told us to mind the roads! Thousands of miles of distance between us obviously doesn’t change that.

After checking out of our room we went straight to the bus station, since we didn’t have anything else to do and didn’t want to be lugging our cases around. We got there at one o’clock and our bus wasn’t till twenty to six, but we accepted it and found a corner to make ourselves comfy in. We had Maccy’s for lunch and the first several hours actually went surprisingly fast without either of us getting bored at all. When it came down to the last hour we figured we’d get in the queue so we could be at the front and get some good seats.

5.40 came and went and people were starting to get concerned that our coach didn’t look like it was running. Someone tried to tell us that that particular coach had never existed, then somebody else said that our coach was just late and might not get there until 7.40 (which was actually the time of the following coach, so we easily concluded that they’d just fobbed us off onto the next one). We got talking to a girl called Leah in the queue, who was equally pissed off. After a while her and Kel then decided to try asking again about what was going on. And it was a bloody good thing they did too.

Somebody tried telling them that the 5.40 coach had actually arrived on time (which showed that none of the staff actually had a clue and were all just lying through their teeth by telling us different things) and someone else said again that the 5.40 had never existed – despite it being up on the board right up until after it was late – and that we needed to get our tickets reissued, but quickly because there were only a few spaces left. So of course I ran down to get mine changed too and very luckily got what was apparently the last spot. But some poor couple behind us in the queue then couldn’t get on the next coach. Nobody even bothered apologising for it either! Disgusting! The back of my ticket had a web address saying that the company wanted to hear about how our trip was. I will most definitely take great pleasure in telling them my opinion.

Despite all the mishaps though, the majority of the journey itself wasn’t actually that bad. Our first coach was a three-hour one to Albany. I did some writing, watched some Death Note and listened to a hilarious episode of That Anime Show. It really does save me on long journeys. Not only did I get to hear Tatum talk about New Orleans for fifteen minutes (and actually know what he was talking about) but he also revealed that he has a crush on Isaac! Too Funny!

Got to Albany around eleven and had some crazily cheesy nachos whilst we were on standby. By that I mean cheese sauce of course, not real cheese. This is America. Our next coach was to Buffalo, with a few stops in between. I was so tired by this point that I just snoozed on and off for pretty much the entire journey – something I can’t normally do on coaches! Got into Buffalo about six-ish, ready for our coach to Ontario at half past.


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