8/10/13 – Shae day!

Woke up from more annoying dreams. Weh. We got ready and headed over to the White House first. Kel forgot her watch so we had to go back to the hotel and meet Tanya, Jayda and Robyn over there. It really wasn’t all that exciting – didn’t look anything like it did in the movies. Plus all I could think was that this was where the country had cocked everything up from. We then walked round some of the memorials again in the daylight. We also saw a black squirrell. Very exotic. We checked out the Arlington Cemetery too and saw the graves of the Kennedy family. We couldn’t see the eternal flame because it had been closed off for maintenance, so we got to see the replacement instead. I don’t know why, but temporary flame just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it…

Standing at the reflection pool… reflecting. And casting reflections.

We caught the Metro back to the Mall and then headed to the Castle to meet Shae and her mom. It was such a really nice day! Shae’s mom was totally sweet and insisted on being our own personal tour guide. And of course Shae was lovely as always! We drove round and saw more of then monuments, then went down to Georgetown since there wasn’t a lot to do in Washington with the government shut-down going on. Georgetown was a really cute, quaint little town. We had lunch in a little Mexican place and then ice cream as well (which Shae’s mom insisted on getting for us, bless her!) I had strawberry with praline and cream – it was sooo good! Shae got me some adorable Jack Skellington stuff for my birthday too, which I shall have to utilise right away! We went down to the harbour as well and to the Georgetown College. WHY are all American colleges so damn gorgeous and superior to ours? Oh that’s right, we live in England… We also stood eating our ice cream and watching some people jog up and down the ridiculously steep steps from the Exorcist. Crazy people. It was really great to spend real time with Shae though – my honourary little sister! First international meet-up, check!

The steps from the Exorcist. Who in their right mind would jog up these?! We had the better idea with standing at the top and having a munch.

Had tea at a pretentious Spanish tapas place. The food was nice but expensive and the service really wasn’t great. I loved the drinks menu though! They did a cranberry McKeown cider, which was lush! After that we went to a different bar. Had more cider – this time a brand called Bold Rock. Nowhere near as nice, but still good. And the bar staff here were much more fun. Everyone went home in groups, but me and An stayed longer with Derek and his friend Pat (who reminded me of Scouse’s Wolowitz friend – not good!) Seeing two opinionated American guys debate over politics was really quite amusing, even if I had no idea what they were talking about ninety-nine percent of the time. Me and An also got chatted up by a couple of suits when we went outside. A little on the old side, but I could at least talk to them about Top Gear.

It was pretty late when we actually got back and by this point I was feeling a bit bummed. I was still sad about the upcoming end to the tour, but it was time to get a grip! Me and Kel still have plenty of adventure ahead of us!


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