6/10/13 – One to remember

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me… If I’m honest it’s been a very up and down day. I started feeling quite homesick and we were stuck in the van for most of the day, but there were certainly some definite ups. We had a more relaxed start this time, which was nice. Kel, Jayda and Robyn wanted to see the country walk of fame, but me and Tanya were more interested in breakfast so we all split up. We couldn’t find any breakfast places that were open, so we ended up having stuffed pizza slices. They were surprisingly good for pizza.

Once we got in the van Kel then gave me my present. It was a memory book filled with photos of friends, family, memorable moments and personalised notes from all of my friends and family! It was amazing – Kel really did a fantastic job. She even managed to get things from friends of mine that she doesn’t know, like Karnah and Nicole. Nicole did me a special birthday Harley drawing and Kay wrote me notes from Mav and Old Barb! Way cute! Even Liz drew me a Pikachu with a wizard hat and me in my Finny cosplay! It was totally sweet and made me laugh and smile a lot (particularly Dale’s lovely message of “happy birthday, you massive freak”) but it also made me feel quite sad.

We had a few brief stops on the way and lost an hour as we got closer to the coast again, so I had the shortest birthday ever. We were on the road for roughly eight hours – not necessarily the most fun way to spend my birthday. It was dark by the time we reached out hotel, so there was definitely no chance of seeing any bears like I’d hoped. On the plus side though I got to drink some Red Bull, watch some Psych and give Derek my music requests that he’d asked for. So we listened to a whole Elvis album (actually the same one I have in my car, so Kel felt like we were going to work) and then topped it off with some Tears For Fears.

Everyone felt a bit delirious by the time we reached the motel in the Appalachian Mountains – there was a lot of giggling over nothing, particularly when we stopped off at the wrong motel on the first try! We had to get Derek and Adam to get a cockroach out of our room, eeek (Kel had to kill another one later on too, double eeek!) We then went to Cracker Barrel for tea. I sat up front in the van this time too! We had some weird tee game on the table that me, Kel, Tanya and Derek ended up playing the whole time. The others had one to play with down the other end of the table too. None of us did very well (too much logic and planning involved, for me at least).

I had country fried chicken with mash and some frozen apple cider. All really nice, even if I couldn’t get alcohol on my birthday! Then to top it off the staff all turned up with some chocolate cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. One of the waitresses told me I had Derek to blame/thank for that (whichever way you wanna look at it). Happy Birthday’s a very long song when you don’t know where to look, but it was still really sweet – apparently no one else had been in on it. The cake was great too!

We got back to our rooms then for a much more chilled night. Showered and sat watching the Nutty Professor. All in all a very mixed day, but certainly preferable to my last birthday when I was hungover all day!

The room where we kept our suitcases on the tables in case of further cockroach invasion!


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