3/10/13 – Don’t forget

Happy Fullmetal Alchemist Day! Gotta start on that of course. Had a little more of a lie-in today and went down for some breakfast in between getting ready. Had scrambled eggs, Cajun sausage and what seemed to be regular sausage patties. We then headed out and straight on over to the Garden District on the trolley. Home of some Interview With A Vampire settings! We checked out the Lafayette Cemetery first, where all of the tombs are built above ground into little buildings and structures. Personally they reminded me of Tom Riddle’s grave, but minus the creepy angel. It was ridiculously hot too, so we purposely followed the lines of graves that were in the shade!

We then had a good wander around the Garden District to find some of the more famous houses. Some of the houses there are truly amazing. We found a few that belong/belonged to Anne Rice (one which was then bought by Nicolas Cage – Kel was obviously thrilled by that- and one where the Witching Hour novels were set). We also found the house she grew up in. We couldn’t find anywhere Interview With A Vampire was filmed as it was such a big place, which annoyingly was what I’d originally set out to find. I feel Kay will still be pleased with the ones we got photos of though.

Had a couple of drink stops, including Café Du Monde (we got some awesome jazzy souvenir pennies too). We also checked out the voodoo museum. It was the strangest museum I’ve ever seen! It was basically inside the back of an elongated shop. There were offerings left on all the exhibits of money, beads, other jewellery, makeup, perfume and food. You’d never get that in the UK – it’d all be nicked!

Met up with Tanya, Jayde and Robyn after to go on a steamboat cruise (I swear I try to put steampunk every single time I go to write steamboat – one-track mind). It wasn’t as great as we were expecting. Mostly because some real boring guy spoke over the loudspeaker for waaay too long. The second half of it was much better though. We moved into the dining room and some cute, old band played us some live jazz. I had some very cheesy nachos and spotted a guy who looked seriously like Jason Dolley – so much so that I spent a long while considering that it could actually be him. Eventually concluded that it wasn’t though when I realised his eyes were brown, not blue. Boo.

We then got caught in a horrendous rainstorm as we disembarked. It made my preparation of carrying my brolley moot – it really didn’t do much to help. The rain didn’t look like it was going to lighten up anytime soon either, so we headed back to the hotel to shower. Watched a bit of Drake & Josh (ah, memories) and were amazed to find that for some reason there were two different versions of a singalong scene and that in this one they actually sang We Will Rock You! In the version we’d seen before they played a song that we didn’t know. No idea why we didn’t get Queen!

This time our group ended up splitting for tea since we were all so undecided on where to go. Me, Kel and An ended up in a bizarre kitchen-cum-bar-cum-tattoo studio looking place. Had an alright pizza, which was ridiculously huge for a ‘small’. Like everything American. We finished eating in perfect timing because everyone else had just came out of their restaurant as we started walking down. We then all split again because some of the group wanted to go straight down to Frenchman Street. Me and Kel were intrigued to check it out depending on time, but were more interested in doing a few things on Bourbon Street first.

Tanya came with us this time. We took a few photo opportunities on Bourbon Street (including Channing Tatum’s bar Saints & Sinners), then grabbed some Handgrenades from Tropical Isle. They really are lovely – watermelon flavour and god knows what alcohol. Can totally see why they’re lethal though. Because they’re so sweet you don’t realise how alcoholic they are (not to mention they come in a yard of ale type thing, so you get a lot in there). When we got back to the hotel we both agreed they’d gone to our heads. Before that though we’d gotten talking to an American couple along Bourbon Street, Jeannette and Scott. Jeannette in particular was very excited that we were British and even more excited about the idea of us travelling around. She couldn’t get to grips with the word ‘posh’ though and asked, “Does that mean rich or gay?” Ah, I do love you yanks!

Bourbon Street, baby!

The infamous Handgrenades! We kept the special glasses of course 🙂



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