1/10/13 – Barbeque on the beach

So October started with some very awkward dreams for me. Yay. Almost had a late start because Kel hadn’t set the alarm properly in her merry state, but thankfully we still managed to be ready in time. Today was a beach day. The beaches here really are gorgeous – the ideal white sands and blue seas. The sand was incredibly soft, but so much so that it was really difficult to walk on and felt like it was giving me a proper workout!

It became a not-so-lazy-feeling day though. The treks back and forth across the sand in the high heat made me really worn out, much more than it should have done. It was just too hot and there was no breeze at all until later on in the day. I think I must have had a touch of sun stroke because I felt faint more than once and was glad when it got to pick-up time – normally you have to drag me in out of the sun! On the way back we stopped off at Walgreen’s, so I grabbed a can of Red Bull. Don’t think I’ve ever downed an energy drink so fast. It had actually been thirteen days since I’d last had one. Not that I was counting or anything… Sshhh.

We were then all in the lift to get to our rooms and I said that I felt like a tramp because of being on the beach all day. Derek seemed to find this really funny and I realised afterwards (thanks primarily to the Little Mermaid of all things) that in America tramp generally means hussy. So I’d just announced to everyone that I felt like a slut. Oops.

Had plenty of time to get ready before tea – I had a gorgeous steak (along with the most monster pile of onion rings!) We talked more about the goings-on of New Orleans and just general topics of music, theatre shows and the like. On the way there we’d been talking about Adam’s ‘friend’ from Newbies. Kel said that she couldn’t realistically have been referred to as a girl and Adam corrected her with “old whore”. I think Derek thinks we’re all mental, especially any time Kenny’s mentioned.

We grabbed some booze on the way back so that we could all reconvene in someone’s room for a little while before finishing packing (Derek had a rain check because of driving and having to have another early start tomorrow). So we all chilled in An’s room for a bit. Kel revealed to everyone else that the creepy/cute motel-like inn we’d stayed at actually backed onto a cemetery. She’d seen it on Google Maps and had very wisely not told me until the following morning. Jayda and Robyn’s reactions were definitely similar to mine. Oh, and apparently I now have the reputation as the heavy drinker of the group. I obviously have no clue where that idea came from (probably not helped by the fact that I admitted I always keep a bottle opener in my makeup bag but hey, I’m just prepared for the worst!)

Kel’s postcard shot (right before we Skyped Mom and Dad – just to rub it in!)



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