29/9/13 – The ideal getaway

Another early get-up in order to move on again. On the way we did another stop, this time to Walmart. We’d all agreed to do a food kitty for cheaper and healthier picnic lunches, so we split into groups to find a good variety of things. We eventually got to High Springs and checked into our Country Inn, which was more like a motel than anything. Hard to tell if it’s creepy or cute… Maybe a little bit of both. We all sat out on the porch-way for a group picnic-style lunch.

After that we headed down to Ginnie Springs. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen – in a wooded area with several clear water springs and a river connecting them all. The perfect young person’s vacation spot. You could go snorkelling, kayaking or just lazy tube floating. There was a very big hiccup in this plan for me though: the water was full of fish. I have a very weird relationship with fish… Love watching them. Absolutely despise, fear, get traumatized over the idea of one touching me.

I told myself I’d be fine in a tube and rented one out, definitely steering clear of the snorkelling. But when it came down to it I honestly couldn’t do it. I so badly didn’t want to be a chicken, but I’d worked myself up about it so much that I ended up in tears more than once and on the verge of a panic attack. Thankfully I was hiding behind my sunglasses and I don’t think anyone else noticed, besides Kel (or at least I hope so). I was on some girly tablets at the time, so I was even more emotionally strung than usual as it was.

After I calmed down me, Kel and Tanya just chilled out in the dry. I still felt like an idiot for the rest of the day, especially because I’d actually really WANTED to go in the spring. It looked so lovely, but I had a stupid fear holding me back. I had a few things to distract me though, thankfully. We found the tiniest lizard that Tanya dubbed Minnie (even though she’d already decided he was a he). There was also a man called Tom who just would not stop talking to us, even when we thought we’d finally escaped. Of course this just prompted inside jokes and naughty giggling.

For tea we all went to the Great Outdoors Restaurant. It was really quite lovely – there was a live musician performing, the food was good and the staff were friendly and fun. I even had my first sangria since we’d been over there! Adam was sat down our end of the table and finally seemed to come out of his shell a little, which we took as a good sign. Derek had also introduced us to a new American comedian on the way. Can’t remember the name for the life of me, but he had some good jokes about amnesia and jukebox stories.

To close the day, we’ve now been proposed the idea of swimming with wild dolphins tomorrow (and at a ridiculously cheap price too!), but the only issue is it’s out in the very deep sea. Let’s see if the fear can stop me from another experience…

Ginnie Springs

The man (in the blue) who wouldn’t stop talking. Can you tell none of us were listening?


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