28/9/13 – Exploring Orlando

Had a little bit of a later get-up today and even got to make the most of the free continental breakfast (yay!) This is much more interesting than it is in the UK – I had mini sausages, a mini omelette, some French toast/pancake thing with maple syrup and jam, a cinnamon bun and cocktail cranberry juice. Yum yum. The others had already headed off to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Me, Kel and An went to explore Winter Park.

I had no idea what to expect, but it turned out to be a really cool day. Winter Park was actually a very nice little town of sorts. Had a little wander up and down the main street first and grabbed a drink in Starbucks. We then went exploring round the campus of the Cornell Rollins College. It really was an incredible place – it all backed right up onto the lake! Why don’t we get anything like that?! People had signed their names into the bamboo by the lake, so we did the same and added Trek America to it. We had a brief look round the Fine Arts Museum too. Wasn’t really my thing, like most art places, but I did find a display of watch keys and stopwatches that I really liked. Actually inspired me to try and buy some watch keys and cogs and things online and see what kind of steampunk jewellery/accessories I can make!

We had lunch at Firehouse Subs. Mine was so good – turkey, bacon, cheese and a creamy pepper sauce. One of the staff called Trevor was asking me where I was from in England and then about the football of all things (I’m not exactly the best person to ask). But he was cute and reminded me of Todd Haberkorn so I was happy with that and agreed that yes, if he came to play football in the UK he might get stabbed by an angry football fan. We then spent a long time in the sweet shop after that. I got an Elvis energy drink that says “All Shook Up” (brilliant!) and some Wonka bottle caps that supposedly taste like the pop they represent. If that’s true then I’m never trying root beer – it tasted like a hospital smell!

From there An wanted to check out a different art museum. Me and Kel weren’t fussed, so we agreed to meet her later on. We had some homemade ice cream from one place, which was lovely. We also freaked out two of the servers with our unintentional-speaking-in-unison that we sometimes do. The neighbourhood was actually dog central too! It seemed to be the done thing for everyone to take their dogs out and about, which we obviously thought was great. Made me miss Star and Izzy though. I got some writing done before rain threatened and we ran to hide under the bandstand.

Nothing came of the rain so we sat in the park instead. Watched the squirrels, a lovely giant Great Dane, and a random man on a unicycle! We saw a couple of freight trains go past too. The one was huge and we wished we’d counted how many carriages there were – it had to be around eighty! I read a good chunk of Pacific Vortex and Kel did some puzzles and finished up her blog before An came back to meet us. We had another little natter then went to our meeting place to find Derek. We were all a little early to pick up the others, so we went for a drink in a little café. Me and Derek wanted to check out this little bookstore, but it was closed. Typical. He said he’d help me hunt one down elsewhere though – likely in New Orleans or DC.

After fetching everyone else we went to grab some Mexican food. I had a yummy cheese quesadilla. Derek also gave us a better rundown on the itinerary for the tour. We showered and started packing up when we got back to the hotel – preparing to move onto the next place tomorrow!

Making our mark in Winter Park. I’m a poet and I… no, I’m really not



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