27/9/13 – The adventure starts

Today was a very long but definitely awesome day. Had to be up and ready in the lobby of our creepy hospital hotel for half seven, so that we could meet the rest of our Trek America group. There’s eight of us altogether – Robyn and Jayda from London (both 22), Tanya from the south coast of England (23 and been travelling for roughly nine months already in NZ and Ozland!), Paula from Northern Ireland (37, though she definitely doesn’t look it!), An who’s originally from Belgium but now living in the UK (30s maybe?) and Adam from North England somewhere (27 but also doesn’t look it!) There’s also our tour leader Derek. He’s nice and quite talkative and already seems very accommodating when trying to fit in everyone’s preferences. Everyone seems nice so far – Adam’s a little on the quiet side, but then he is stuck with seven girls for two weeks!

We all hit the road on the tour bus (which I’m sure we’ll all become very familiar with). Me and Kel sat up front and I was immediately put on wi-fi duty and song requests. Woohoo. Safe to say I didn’t actually abuse either position. We were on the road for roughly four hours, including one pit stop. Wasn’t an issue so far. I got some writing done and had a good old nosy out the window at the changeover from Miami to Orlando. When we got to the hotel we were all then checked into our rooms – mostly in twos; me and Kel were obviously together. After that we made and went about our day plans.

An went shopping at the Florida mall and Adam decided to catch up on sleep in the hotel to try and fight off his jet lag. The rest of us were set on going to Magic Kingdom – me and Kel were the only ones who had actually been before. It ended up being even more amazing than our last visit! We all went to watch the parade first. Lilo and Stitch were actually in this one, which of course made me squeal like an absolute child. Needless to say everyone quickly learnt what my favourite Disney film was! I ended up waving frantically at various characters, including the pimp (Peter Pan to the rest of you) and Naveen blew a kiss to Kel. She was pleased, obviously.

After that Jayda and Robyn wanted to check out some of the more thrilling rides, whilst me and Kel were deadset on visiting Fantasyland as it was all-new since we’d last visited. We split up and Tanya and Paula decided to stick with us for the day. We grabbed some lunch and went on a good variety of rides – Toy Story (which I owned at with a score of 107900, boom!), the giant carousel, Ariel’s magic ride thingy (which was totally cute and gave me and Kel the need to sing along) and the go-karts.

We also had some incredibly spazzy character meetings. Actually got to meet Rapunzel this time, which was awesome – she was so sweet and adorable! We also got to meet Gaston. I admit I’m a ‘bit’ of a Gaston fangirl… Hey, he’s funny and narcissistic and has one of the best villain songs! So I was clearly thrilled. And he was actually quite nice to me, despite generally using a lot of very Gaston-esque lines (including “the pleasure is all yours”). Win. On top of that I also got a new Stitch! I think this one is either number thirteen or fourteen now. He got a good view from my bag for the rest of the day.

We all went up to Derek’s room on the night since everyone was so tired. Some of the group got takeout pizza. I just got some drink. We all sat and had a discussion over plans for the following day and a little on how the tour works. We then broke for showers and very-much-needed bed!

That is too much hair gel, Gaston


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