26/9/13 – Moving on

Got up quite early to finish packing up and be ready to move on. Our group tour officially starts tomorrow, so we booked the night before in the hotel we’ll be starting from. Had a quick Skype session with Mom in the midst of getting ready. Apparently Izzy’s finally learning how to catch. Before, she just used to sit there and wait, let it hit her on the head and then find it off the floor. Special dog.

We got the bus down to our next hotel. It wasn’t too far but it was awkward with the cases – plus I’d had a fall-out with mine because it had decided to clobber my foot. We were too early for check-in time but they let us leave our cases in storage so we could wait by the pool, beach, etc. We went for a little stroll in search of food and ended up just eating in Burger King. I entertained Kel by making unattractive faces and even more unattractive noises over my giant strawberry Minutemaid (no seriously, it was huge! I didn’t even finish it and I felt like I was going to explode from sheer volume of liquid).

Spent a few hours by the pool until we had to run from another sudden downpour. Didn’t really help – we still got soaked. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon Skyping with Mom and Dad, then with Sid. Did another small supermarket shop (this one didn’t smell of hamsters) for pop and snacks, then brought in some KFC for tea. We didn’t want a late night because of the tour starting early in the morning.

Discovered tonight that I got sunburnt too. A lot. Also that the interior of our hotel looks creepily like a hospital (and they really didn’t want us to have towels for some reason – they were more interested in mopping our floor whilst we were still in there!) Let’s see how well I sleep tonight.

I don’t think I agreed to spending a night in an asylum…


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